5 Easy Steps to Start Your Wedding Videography Business

Written by  on April 11, 2014 

Every business is unique and all businesses are the same. This statement seems like a contradiction but it holds a lot of truth. The universal principles that govern one business will automatically apply to another one. However, there are special considerations for a particular type of business such as a wedding videography business that may not necessarily apply for a car dealership. The difference here is due to the intricacies of the actual business that make it unique while the similarities are to do with the general code of business practice. So how do you go about starting a business in wedding videography?

Wedding Videography 500x400 - 5 Easy Steps to Start Your Wedding Videography Business

Do Your Research Well

This is the most important part of starting a business. There is good money in a wedding videography business but it does not come easy. You will work for it sometimes filming in unfriendly environment with unrealistic expectations from the wedding couple.

You will need to have some skill and experience and whenever possible get wedding video editing partners that can provide some expertise so as to make good quality videos that will rake in some cash. If possible start small and cheap to gain the necessary skill or even offer a freebie to start with, the experience will be quite invaluable in the long run. You also need to know your competition and the quality of work they produce and how much they charge.


Money begets money in wedding videography business. The level of your investment will determine the level of your income. Get good quality wedding video equipment that will not disappoint in the middle of a shoot or during editing. When you produce good quality work you can charge accordingly and your investment will eventually pay off.

Cameraman - 5 Easy Steps to Start Your Wedding Videography Business

Market Yourself

This cannot be overemphasized. It is the secret to building your wedding videography business. Your Video advertising budget may be high at the beginning as you get yourself out there but eventually the quality of your work will pay off and you will get a lot of referrals. Start with a professional website for your business, make quality brochures and expose yourself at trade shows and wedding expos. Additionally, think of photographers, wedding planners and celebrants as your wedding videography partners who will refer work to you.

Develop a Price Structure

What you charge per project should offer you maximum benefit. Your price structure must however, be commensurate to the quality of work you produce. You must produce professional work to charge as the best of the best. Compare what the best in the market produces and use this as a standard as you develop a price structure for your services.

Go For It!

Lastly, believe in yourself and strive to always learn and grow. There is always a better way of doing things, even in the wedding videography business and those that discover this are way ahead of the pack. Exercise discipline without which you can never achieve success. Throw in a good measure of diligence and soon your business will expand beyond what you had imagined at the onset.

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