5 Features of Good Catalogue Design

Written by  on March 15, 2012 

Catalogues are a colourful and effective method of advertising a product. However, to be effective they have to be carefully constructed. Like business cards printing, catalogue printing should be thoughtfully produced in terms of layout and design. Printing services can help production of a well targeted and attractive catalogue.

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The major characteristics of a well constructed catalogue are

  • Good Targeting of audience
  • Sharp image resolution
  • Effective placement of images
  • Efficient use of text
  • Use of clear legible print
  1. A Catalogue Must Target the Audience

The layout and design of a catalogue should reflect the audience it is targeting. Use of colour, images and text must be appropriate for the required consumer. Often a catalogue will be designed with an overall theme. The theme will convey a lifestyle that is appealing for the audience. For instance, a catalogue designed for older customers may represent images of peace and calm using colours such as blue or green. Alternatively, a catalogue for younger consumers may convey a theme of excitement and use active colours such as red.

  1. Sharp Image Resolution is Necessary for Catalogues.

Images come in different resolutions and the sharpness of an image will vary according to which advertising medium is being used.  A photograph designed for the internet will not be suitable for Printing services because of its low resolution. Pictures in catalogues should be of high quality and sharply defined.

  1. Placement of Images in a Catalogue

The placement of images in a catalogue is an important consideration. Readers will be attracted to larger and well defined pictures of products. Highlight the most profitable goods or services by using bigger and brighter pictures of them.

Most catalogues will be scanned by consumers. Their eyes will spend more time on the top of the page rather than the bottom. Products which produce more profit should be placed in prominent top positions of a catalogue where the eye will linger. This gives them more exposure and will improve sales.

  1. Language Used in a Catalogue.

Text should be minimal in catalogues. The catalogue is a visual vehicle that uses images to sell products. Text must be relevant to the product and not distract readers from it. The language used should be simple and easily understood. Short sentences which concentrate on positive attributes of the pictured product will be effective.

  1. Legible Print Aids Reading of a Catalogue

Just as in business cards printing, the type of print used should not detract from the message. In this medium the message is the attractive images in the catalogue. Use simple fonts in order to keep reading easy. A fancy font will distract the prospective customer from the pictures and muddle the message.

Effective catalogue design will enhance the productivity of this method of advertising. Use of images and text to complement the overall design will make the catalogue productive. As in all marketing, targeting of advertising material to the audience is essential. Considered use of design and layout of a catalogue will make it a good marketing tool.

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