5 Professional Tricks for Looking Slim, Trim and Sexy In Photos

Written by  on December 11, 2013 

As the Christmas party season approaches, it’s therefore ideal for those who feel their poses let them down to learn some nifty tips and tricks to transform their photogenic slip ups into potential Vogue cover shot. Without further ado, here are five ways you can improve your posture and not have to spend hours untagging all those photos on Facebook:

Professional Tricks 500x500 - 5 Professional Tricks for Looking Slim, Trim and Sexy In Photos

Utilise Your Arms

Whether you place your hands on both hips or let them hang loose, positioning your arms correctly is vital for looking thinner. Be sure to adopt a pose which doesn’t flatten out and subsequently widen the arm, for example putting one hand on one hip and turning 90 degrees away from the camera. Knowing what to do with your arms when posing can also be made easier in certain circumstances, for example if you have a large bag or clutch, or if there’s a photobooth hire company at your party where you can enlist the help of some props to give your arms something to do, making them less likely to appear frigid and fixed.

Go Back To Black

Simply wearing a little black dress can work wonders when it comes to looking slim in photos. This is because its darkness does not reflect light, so choosing darker tones for your outfits therefore helpsto slim the mid-section, thighs and arms when worn correctly. If you’re got a head to toe halter neck dress which is all the same colour however, a one block colour outfit will also have the same benefits. Take care to avoid additional features like poofy sleeves which add extra volume, as well as stripes or shiny fabrics which significantly diminish the non-reflective properties of wearing your best black frock.

Wear Clothes That Fit

It’s important to work out what fashions suit your shape and tastes if you haven’t done so already. This is because when you’ve chosen your own individual style, rather than just following seasonal fashion trends, you’re more likely to make an impact with your outfit whether it’s formal or not. Choose clothes which work for your body shape, most importantly making sure that they actually fit, as whether they’re too large or too small they will not produce a flattering look on camera. Whether they’re taken on your friend’s phone or at a professional party photo booth, everyone feels body conscious when it comes to taking pictures, regardless of their shape, style or age.

Let Your Hair Down

As fancy and sophisticated up dos may seem it’s best to avoid ponytails or other hairstyles if you want to look slimmer. Having your hair down helps to make your face appear a lot softer, helping to mask any sharp angles or jawlines. If you have your hair up, you’re taking away the beneficial frame your hair creates for your face and making it increasingly likely that in photographs your head, neck and shoulders look larger than they actually are.

Suck It In

Sucking it in is the ultimate solution for looking slimmer. Taught to young women everywhere once they hit puberty, whilst there are variety of undergarments are available to help do this for you, you can ensure it maximise their effect by remembering to suck your stomach in. You don’t have to do it to the extent where your ribs become a visible xylophone, but when combined with pulling the bum in and pushing the chest out, this will make a noticeable difference to your posture and figure when posing for photos.

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