7 Benefits of On Line Print Ordering

Written by  on January 20, 2012 

Posters are regularly used to promote big events such as concerts, but they are also an attractive form of advertising for small business. Printing services can provide cheap posters. When combined with other services, such as brochure and business card printing, they are a cost effective marketing tool.

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  1. Posters are Easily Distributed.

Posters are easily and cheaply distributed through pasting on poles or noticeboards. It is simple and easy to post them in various areas of high volume foot and vehicle traffic.  It takes little time and is a cost effective distribution method.

  1. Posters are Inexpensive.

The cost of printing posters is often less than printing other advertising materials such as catalogues. Most Printing services will provide bulk printing of posters, similar to bulk business card printing, for a price that will not exceed the proposed advertising budget.

  1. Posters are Easily Seen

A striking poster is easily seen and scanned either by pedestrians or commuters. If large enough, a good poster can take up the view of a customer for a significant period of time. Careful distribution of posters will ensure maximum impact.

  1. Posters are Localised Advertising

Posters are a static form of advertising. Unlike business cards or catalogues, posters cannot be moved with the consumer. Therefore distribution should be given close attention.  For example, if advertising for a play or concert, it is more effective to poster areas close to venues. Alternatively, posting in an area close to a food hall is appropriate for a service industry related to eating. Careful targeting of distribution points will increase the efficacy of posters.

  1. Content of Posters Must be Targeted.

Like all advertising tools, the content of posters must be well targeted. Posters should reflect the intended audience. Posters are a type of advertising that is quickly scanned. It is important therefore, that the colour scheme and layout are striking and unique. The use of a professional graphic designer can ensure that a poster is correctly targeting the proposed audience.

  1. Use of Colour Theory Helps Targeting

Use of colour theory can aid in the task of targeting the poster. Using an energetic colour such as red will attract attention and convey an impression of movement and excitement. Using yellow will create a happy impression and using blue will project an image of security and calm. Considered use of images and smart selection of colour will make the poster more likely to be read and remembered.

  1. Image and Text Should be Balanced

An effective poster has image and text equally balanced. Text should be large and not overwhelmed by the image. The visuals should be attractive, but not overshadow the text. The combination of the two will be a pleasant and striking message that can immediately be understood by the reader.

Posters are a very useful way for a small business to advertise their goods or services. It is important to create the posters in a manner that ensures maximum impact. Posters are quickly scanned by mobile audiences and careful consideration of colour and layout will ensure their effectiveness.

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