7 Ways to Photograph Your Pet

Written by  on October 9, 2011 

If you’re just an Average-Joe but you love your pet and you want some treasured photos of them, don’t sweat it. Whether you’ve got a puppy, a mouse, a white rabbit or a new kitten, using your camera to capture your pet’s greatest moments is easy! Check out these 7 tips below to get the best out of your furry loved ones.

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1.     Take Lots of Shots
Pets can be difficult to photograph, especially if they’re lively and animated and can’t seem to sit still for more than 10 seconds. So the thing to remember up front is to take as many shots as you can, rather than trying to get them to pose for just one or two perfect photos.

2.     Run Them Around
No matter where they are, pets love running around in the open. Whether it’s your backyard or a park, the front veranda or a mice cage, if you can get your pet to strut about in their element, you’re guaranteed to get some great shots. If you’re using an Olympus digital camera or something similar, ‘multi-shot’ or ‘burst’ mode is great for movement and allows you to capture lots of shots at once without you having to click furiously. If you’ve got a smaller animal that’s not exactly “on the go”, giving them a toy to play with can help get them to be livelier.

3.     Calm Them Down
After they’ve had a good workout, try to get your pet to relax for a little while so you can take some more relaxed shots of them. Using food is a great idea to try and get them to sit still and simply take a time-out. If you’ve got a dog, consider giving him a bone which will keep him distracted for a while and which will allow you to snap away without him paying you much attention.

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Photo: Stuck in Customs

4.     Snoozing Moments
Snoozing moments are great and this will allow you to get some cool shots of your pet in their most peaceful state. Experiment with close shots here too which will show off the intimacy you have with your pet. If you’ve got more than one pet, getting a photo of them snoozing together is a delight and will also make a great pic for your wall.

5.     Pose Them
If you’ve got the time, using backgrounds are also great way to experiment with your pet and this will help you practise your photography skills in a controlled environment. You can either choose a natural setting near your home or set up a white or black bed sheet to act as your backdrop. Getting them to sit or stay in the one area might be challenging, but if you can get down on their level and also let them sniff at the camera, you’re sure to get some wonderful images.

6.     Use Props
For smaller or younger animals, try giving them everyday props for them to play with – things like blankets, shoes, boxes and even pot plants will make your photos more interesting. Props will also allow you to play with angles and perspectives – a shot of your kitten peering over the top of a box or your mouse peeking out from underneath a blanket can be remarkable.

7.     Invite Your Kids
If you’ve got kids, a photo of them together with your pet can be a fantastic keepsake. You either go for a nicely posed shot of your child holding the pet or you can go for something more natural; the two of them playing or snuggling together, for instance. If you can get in close here too, you’ll be able to create some lovely soft photos that will highlight the relationship between child and pet, making a great memento for years to come.

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