Amazing Tips And Techniques For Night Photography

Written by  on November 1, 2013 

Clicking photographs at night can help create some amazing and mysterious photos. There is a   lot if in-depth science and understanding that you need to possess to be a  successful and Awesome night photographer. You also have to have quality gear in order to get a good shot of the night skies and life.

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Here are a couple of tips to click photos in the night:

Get to know your camera:

If you do not have a hard copy of the manual of your camera, there should be a copy available online. Many cameras do not come with a manual these days, just with a CD which has it. You can also view the in-camera help to help you clicking photos.

Read the Manual:

If you have a decent DSLR camera, familiarise yourself with it and click pictures trying all the different features out. This can help in clicking the exact photos that you want at night.

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Invest in Low-light Camera Components:

Start investing in gear that can enhance your shots at night. With the right kind of gear, you can capture a picture the way you want it to come out. Few components that can help you clicking in the night better are a headlamp with an LED, a cable release and a sturdy tripod.

Choose the right time of the Night:

There are many different pictures that you can take at different times in the night. Each hour has its own beauty when it comes to clicking a photograph. So take out a night and spend several hours with your camera at night to figure out when it is best to click the pictures that suits your needs and wants.

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Infinity Point:

People rely on composing and focusing while clicking a photo; but at night these factors have no use as there is no light to guide you. To solve this issue, photographers need to find something known as an infinity point. There are different techniques like setting your camera to the highest ISO level.

Choosing Shutter Speed and Aperture:

Having a longer shutter speed can help you capture an image with a greater view of light. You can also choose an aperture that can help in controlling the light while clicking a photo. This can also help you in range of focus as well.

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