Amazing Wedding Photos: Do’s and Don’ts

Written by  on August 31, 2016 

Weddings should be considered as an important milestone in your life. If you are planning your own wedding, you may want to consider a few other details aside from hiring the best service for your wedding catering in the Philippines.

Wedding couple - Amazing Wedding Photos: Do’s and Don’ts

Your planning should also include the end result of your wedding photos. After all, they would serve as beautiful reminders of your big day and may even outlast the best of your wedding gifts.

Do Hire a Professional Photographer

Hiring a professional photographer for your big day is the first step to having amazing wedding photos. Do not take this for granted and then decide you want to hire a friend who has “photography” skills instead.

Your friend may know what to do when it comes to taking good Instagram photos but that does not necessarily mean that he or she should be the one you would entrust to capture one of your life’s most important moments.

Do yourself a favour and hire a professional photographer. You can trust them to handle themselves well during your wedding day as well as know what to do since taking amazing wedding photos is what they do for a living.

Do Think About Your Lighting

Consider the setting of the wedding, especially its lighting. Notice if they are too bright or too dark for the photographers to be taking photos. You can easily discuss the lighting with your hired professional photographers so that they can decide ahead of time which equipment are they going to need for your big day.

Do Leave Enough Time

Taking the perfect photo may require a lot of time. It is important to put time into consideration particularly if you want your photos to look perfect.

There are three important factors to remember when it comes to taking amazing wedding photos: getting ready, group shots, and the bride and groom portraits. Notice that all of them would take some time before your photographer captures the right photo. If you do not want our pictures to look rushed, then be sure to plan a schedule ahead of time.

Don’t Follow Photography Trends

Photography trends do not often last long. They may be fun to do at the moment, but they rarely stand the test of time. Your wedding photos should be timeless and classic so you can view them in years to come without cringing about how you decided to pose on that particular day.

Don’t Focus on Taking Too Much Photos

Your wedding day should not be all about taking pictures. It is important to enjoy the moment right there and then and not wait and see whether you had fun by viewing your wedding’s photo album.

Create your own moments which you can enjoy at your big day and trust your photographer to capture those amazing photos. Besides, taking these photos should not be taking your time away from your family and loved ones.

Don’t Try Too Hard When Posing For Pictures

It is normal for your photographer to give you directions every now and then when it comes to posing for your wedding pictures. They are there to make all of you look good anyway. But it would be better if you can pose naturally and in a relax way.
Don’t make posing for your photos a taxing exercise that it takes away all the fun from marrying the love of your life on your special day. Just relax, enjoy your foods provided by the wedding catering services and have fun!

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