Are You Ready for Your Close Up?

Written by  on February 14, 2012 

Sometimes it is unavoidable – someone is pointing a camera at you and they are going to press the button whether you like it or not. It might be at work for promotional business literature or simply at a wedding or family occasion, whatever the event a camera in the room is not everyone’s idea of fun. If like so many other people you dread having your photograph taken then fear not – there are actually a few things to do to prepare for the event which may just take the pressure off.

Minka Kelly Beautiful Close Up Photoshoot 3 225x300 - Are You Ready for Your Close Up?

  1. Make sure you feel good about the way your clothes look. Get a new outfit or wear an old favourite, whatever it takes to relax. Check out consumer favourites on Super Savvy Me for some inspirational ideas.
  2. Don’t drive the camera crazy. Really busy patterns, checks, stripes and spots can all create weird effects when photographed and the chances are viewers will be dazzled by your choice of outfit rather than you which is not good! Likewise avoid plain white or black as the former reflects too much light and the latter just soaks it all up.
  3. Get some make up on. Not necessarily you boys, but ladies don’t be afraid to wear a bit more than normal as bright photographic lights will bleach out colours on your skin. Start with a great moisturiser like Olay then add an even layer of foundation. Blusher is particularly important to add contours to your face.
  4. Never stand square on to the camera. Stand with one hip and shoulder facing the camera and then turn your upper body and face towards the lens. This pose will slim everyone out instantly! One leg slightly in front of the other is also a flattering way to stand.
  5. Smile! We all look better if we appear happy and relaxed so show some teeth and try your hardest to enjoy the moment – with all this preparation it might be the best picture of yourself you’ve ever seen.

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