Bask In the Limelight with PR Photography

Written by  on October 14, 2013 

Public Relations, in short PR, is the process of spreading information between individuals, organizations or public. The sole aim of this process is to gain publicity in the audience and to drive them to create a certain point of view about the individual, product, service, company etc.

Public Relations Photography - Bask In the Limelight with PR Photography

No PR material is complete without PR photographs. It is an old saying “a good picture speaks more than a thousand words”. Like this a good photograph can add significant value to a news article and gain the reader’s consideration. Also, human brain retains visual images better than written content.

PR photography is required at press conferences, award functions, product launch parties, etc. It is important to spend some time browsing through the local newspapers and related trade magazines to gain an insight about the style and quality of the photographs preferred by the publications.

Who is the photograph for?

First thing first, you need to know where the photographs are being published. Is it in magazines, news articles, regional, national, etc. Different media requires different photographs; hence it is very vital to get a clear picture about the target audience.

How to choose a PR Photographer?

You need to find a photographer who is capable enough and knows his job well. You could ask for a reference amongst your contacts, at local new papers and browse on the internet for the suitable candidate to take up the job. Once you have decided on the PR photography, you need to clarify few things, such as his availability, rates, if flexible to travel, delivery time, payments modes, any additional charges etc. It is important that you agree on the price and send a clear invoice of the rates along with what is included in the package. This avoids further confusions and both parties have clarity.

Brief The Photographer:

It is important that the PR photographer understands your needs, ideas and expectations. It is important to give the photographer every information in details and also involve him in discussion and get ideas from him. To make PR Photography a success, the photographer should know what the photo should convey, what needs to be illustrated, who needs to be photographed in a shot.

Distributing in PR photography:

The sooner the photographs are distributed after the event the better. Delays might make the news stale and the purpose of the photography session is defeated, hence, it is ideal that the photos reach the audience within 24 hours. With the encroachment in technology, this is no longer impossible. The photographer can simply mail you the photos or send a CD. Ask the photographer for a list of details of activity shown in the photos. Also, get a phone number incase you need any further clarifications.

In short, PR Photography is can be recapped as following:

  • Knowledge of your requirements, specifications and target audience
  • Need to know where the photographs will be used
  • Brief the photographer
  • Finally, the whole idea of PR photography is to construct relationships with current and new clients and to connect with them

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