Branding and How It Can Make or Break Your Product

Written by  on December 9, 2014 

If you have a powerful brand, what message is it sending? Do people know your brand well? Does it have positive connotations or negative connotations? There are many factors to consider when creating branding and logos, such as the colour of the packaging. Regarding correct colour usage when packaging a product, the print-print blog suggests (Click here for more information) that, “Red is a positive and warm colour that instantly draws attention to itself. In fact, many world class brands have opted for red logos for this reason, if you were to place a red logo amongst other logos using different colours, then red will be the most prominent. Although red is often associated with love, it stimulates all of the physical senses including appetite, and can subconsciously increase the heart rate and raise blood pressure.” For more helpful information on branding and to understand how it works, also read our article here.

Branding - Branding and How It Can Make or Break Your Product

Let’s take a closer look at product marketing by analysing a particular type of product, makeup, and how it markets its brand to appeal to the consumer. Gabriela Hernandez, owner of Bésame Cosmetics says, “Creating a brand is like making a person entirely to your specifications. This person has a personality, a moral standing, a temperament, and a physical appearance. When I created Bésame, I infused the brand with a distinct personality that is carried to the customers with every detail in their interaction with the brand.” Hernandez also speaks candidly about other branding tips that are useful, such as appealing to your audience by relating to them.

Branding is an essential part of getting clients to buy your products, and this includes not only packaging, logos and websites, but how you present them to the customer, so it is important to take care in the presentation of your product when preparing to market it. While it might seem like a small detail, making the customer feel valued and cared for are a vital to product success. One way to make a customer feel appreciated is to incorporate helpful advice to the consumer and to offer support. Your company values are key to the perception of your brand.

In our blog article about summer skin care we provide not only recommendations for particular products from specific brands but also how to get the optimum usage from these products, and helpful tips when applying them. WE believe that going the extra mile will make you stand out, as do most successful businesses.

Following a few simple steps when branding, can make or break how your product is perceived. Some useful tips to to keep in mind when branding are:

  • Decide who your target audience is
  • Give your brand a face that appeals to your target audience
  • Seek to build relationships with your customers by appealing to them and their needs
  • Be consistent in how your brand speaks to its customers
  • Use the appropriate colours to market your brand and convey the proper feeling to the consumer associated with each colour
  • Determine the age bracket or category you are targeting and market the product accordingly

Proper branding can determine whether your product is a huge success or a huge flop, so for those of you looking to launch your brand and make it a success, always strive to appeal to your customer!

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