Business Cards: Photos or no Photos?

Written by  on January 18, 2012 

In today’s busy marketplace, business cards have become a vital necessity. Handed out with sheer abandon, they are one of our greatest lead generation and retention tools.

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Let’s get back to the ‘handed out with sheer abandon’ for just a moment. Business cards are swapped at every opportunity that a business person meets someone new or someone they haven’t seen in a while. This doesn’t just happen in niche business savvy markets either, business cards are used by one and all from hairdressers with home salons to pet shop owners. So there are a lot of business cards flying around the place…

Which brings me to my next point… business cards must be well-designed to have an impact on recipients. But how do you create a business card that cuts through all the noise of a flooded market?

One technique that is becoming increasingly popular in the sales industry is putting a personal photo of yourself onto your business card. This might sound quite vain, but in the sales industry – image is everything. But does the photo really achieve the impact intended? Let’s take a look at the postives and the negatives.

Have you ever arrived home from a day at a conference only to empty your pockets and discover that you have been given more than twenty business cards over the course of the day? How many of the business cards can you match with faces? Chances are, not a lot. One  of the huge positives of business cards with personal photos on them is that people will be able to match your face with your card. This helps to ensure that they don’t suddenly forget who, when and why the business card was given to them in the first place.

An image can also add a splash of colour to an otherwise dull business card. They also make a great addition to gifts at celebratory times of year. So, if you’re not brave enough to put a photo on your ‘everyday’ business card, why not get some others printed with an image for when you send out corporate gift baskets – it’s a nice touch.

One far too obvious negative is that the business card may appear conceded. This is not a good look especially if you are having problems connecting or identifying with your market. And let’s face it, it’s human nature to judge…people will make judgments based on the way you look in your photo. Consciously or sub-consciously people will take into account your nationality, gender, age, attire, face expression and even the photo background. Some even go that one step further scrutinizing your hairdo and/or the doggoned wrinkles… so be warned, the photo better be good.

Before you hit ‘go’ on your business card printing, there is one other thing you should be prepared to do if you include a picture of yourself in the design. That is, be prepared to update the card soon. Photos date and your business card needs to maintain a current and fresh look so make sure you’re ready to review your card in a year (or earlier if you change your overall look).

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