Canon Powershot S95 – Review

Written by  on August 23, 2011 

The Powershot S95 is a pocket-sized digital compact camera but its aimed photography enthusiasts due to its wide range of professional features. It looks remarkably similar to its predecessor; the S90. However, as Vic Reeves would say, Canon “wouldn’t let it lie” and the S95 is lighter than this previous model and can fit easily into a bag or pocket for traveling purposes.

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Photo: mr-numb

Similar features of the S90 are the 10 mega-pixel CMOS sensor, range of manual shooting modes and a 3 inch LED display.

The features on this camera are selected by the lens control ring which adjusts the settings and modes the camera works in.Some included features are the 28mm wide-angle setting, a 3.8optically stabilised zoom and the additional Hybrid IS system which stabilises images and reduces blur.

Another interesting feature of this model is the Nostalgic mode. This is a useful tool which, when the lens is adjusted to either left or right, this will then desaturate the colours in your images, creating the look of an aged photo or alternatively it will make the colours bolder and stronger.

There is also some impressive detection technology installed into the S95 model. There is a full automatic face detection feature and a High Dynamic mode which helps to capture scenes with a high contrast.

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Photo: masatsu

This camera only captures images in 10 mega-pixels which is not as high as some models on the market, such as the new Sony Cybershot range, but the emphasis here is put on improving the sensors performance at higher ISO settings.

There is also full movie recording available on the S95. This is in full high definition as the pictures are and has stereo sound. However, a major downside is the lack of optical zoom and auto-focus.

The price of this camera is reflective of the technology it includes and the purpose for which is was designed. It currently prices in at around £399 but is a great investment for serious artist or photographers looking for a smaller, more compact model.

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