Capturing the World of Animals – A Career in Wildlife Photography

Written by  on October 25, 2013 

A challenging field, wildlife photography can be an exciting career opportunity. Read the following post to know more.

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Wildlife Photography—an Overview

A career in photography can be an exciting opportunity for those who love challenges and excitement. If you are one of the kinds to explore more of adventure then you must try your hand at wildlife photography. Regarded as one of the most challenging forms of photography, wildlife photography requires good craft skills. A professional wildlife photographer has to have good filed craft skills.

As a profession, wildlife photography offers multiple opportunities for those who are interested in working outdoors and exploring the world of animals. One of the most competitive fields of photography, an individual has to have enough physical strength and stamina to be able to shoot for long hours in the wilderness of the forests. Wildlife photographers must be prepared to work in all types’ weather conditions in order to capture wildlife in natural surroundings. Several wildlife photographers work on a freelance basis or for productions studios and magazine publishers. Wildlife organizations and government agencies are potential employers of wildlife photographers.

Usually a wildlife photographer shoots photographs of birds and animals in their natural habitat. Unlike event photographers or studio photographers, the field is never staged beforehand, which makes the job of a photographer quite challenging. It requires immense patience and very minute skills in order to excel in the domain of wildlife photography. The activity takes into account animal behaviour and of course certain technical skills related to photography. The profession also demands the ability to edit and present images that narrate the story of wildlife.

Requirements of Wildlife Photography

As a wildlife photographer, you have to have certain attributes. It is very essential that you build in those attributes gradually with the passage of time. That you have to be a competent photographer goes without saying; bust importantly you have to have love for animals and a passion for travelling and exploring. A good understanding of animal behaviour and mastering the art of camouflage/being incognito is a major criterion. Physical fitness is essential as most often you have to spend long hours in the wild and even terrible weather conditions.


Though no formal qualifications are required in order to become a wildlife photographer; nonetheless opting for a proper course in wildlife photography can always help you in brushing your skills. You can opt for a certificate course or diploma course in photography; advanced level photography courses are also good as they hold photo walks at regular intervals. Such activities help in gaining practical knowledge and training and you obviously end up learning a lot about wildlife photography.

Wildlife Photographer - Capturing the World of Animals - A Career in Wildlife Photography

Staring Off as a Wildlife Photographer

It is best to start as early as possible and your chances of success are kind of defined how soon your start off. Enroll in a course and continue as passionately as you can. Alternately join a photography club. This is actually a good opportunity where you get to meet people and learn photography in the process.

As you shoot, maintain a portfolio of your work. This will help you when you need to showcase your talent as you try to break into the industry.

Take part into competitions on a regular basis. If you are able to win some of them, chiseling a career will gradually become much easier. Try and take photographs of national parks, rivers and forest areas near your home. Familiarize yourself with timings and techniques abounding photography.

Finally make use of the social media to showcase your talent. Social media is an extremely powerful platform that can give you recognition somewhat easily.

Market Watch and Remunerations

Breaking into the industry might be a little difficult as you have to put in a little bit of effort. Most often individuals start off as freelance photographers. Search online magazines related to wildlife photography and share your portfolio there. Check photo library websites regularly associate yourself with them. The more you get involved the more exposure you will receive.

Wildlife photographers should have a good understanding of the environment and nature in general along with animal behaviour.

Self-employed wildlife photographers can earn anywhere between 50000 to 100000 a month depending upon their popularity. As a career option, you get to travel a lot. Currently, digital photography has made things much simpler than before. So anyone passionate about photography and wildlife and serious about making a career in the field can do so.


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