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Written by  on November 23, 2010 

Alright, so you love taking photos from the camera which was gifted by your parents on your birthday, right? And now it’s been a long time since you are taking the photos with this camera and would like to move forward to the next level. Someone has rightly said if you will choose your hobby as a profession then you will enjoy your work. So if you seriously love to take photographs then why not choose it as a profession?

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Perhaps you have already noticed that your friends, family and relatives are already praising those awesome snaps taken by you and perhaps some of your neighbours are ready to pay you some bucks for your photos. So, if you possess these capabilities then certainly you have the potential to be a professional photographer.

Of course, the first you need is to finally get rid of your oldie and get a professional digital camera. Although it is not necessary that you should go for the most expensive one out there in the market but yes! It is the fact that the most expensive cameras possess awesome digital photographic capabilities.

What I would recommend that go for a decent mid-segment professional camera and when you are confident with it then go for a class upgrade. Also as a professional photographer you should possess the capabilities of not only taking the still pictures but shooting the videos too. Apart from a professional camera, a photographer needs the lenses, tripod, a camera bag and other supportive accessories. Apart from these hardware, you need a different kind of software to brush up and give the final touch to your photographs. Adobe Photoshop is one such popular software.

Gain knowledge:
So, if you have decided that you’re going to make your career and photography then it is advisable for you to get the certification from a reputed institute. In addition to that in today’s digital age there are a lot of books and other photographic learning material available over the Internet by which you can help yourself in learning the techniques of digital photography. You have to keep yourself updated about the latest trends and the technological enhancements in the photographic industry because what was not possible 2 year before, is now very much possible now.

Career opportunities:
According to a recent statistic there are more than 100,000 photographers in the United States of America and half of them are self-employed. Most of the photographer works in institutions/industries like newspapers, fashion photography, wild-life photography, nature photography, Government agencies, manufacturing firms, universities, colleges, magazines…. and so on.. The opportunities are literally endless. On top of that nowadays there is various photo storage websites like on which you can upload your photographs and there are a lot of potential buyers are looking for these photos, and you can get a very good pay for your snaps.

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