Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Written by  on April 23, 2014 

Photography is the cornerstone of most wedding memories. The right picture can take people back to the happiest time in their lives. Capturing a marriage ceremony the way a wedding couple envisions starts with choosing a professional, experienced photographer.

Wedding Filming - Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Unlike music, flowers and cake, wedding pictures cannot be heard, smelled, tasted or even seen until after the ceremony. Because they do not see what they get until after the fact, couples must do their homework before hiring a wedding photographer. This means careful research regarding artistic style, professional skills and personal demeanor.

Before starting their research, engaged couples must decide on their preferred style. This can help them choose the right photographer for their wedding needs. Documentary, portraiture and fine art are three common styles of photography.

After they select a style, couples should start browsing local business listings and reading the reviews. This usually involves visiting photographer websites and viewing the wedding portfolios. Couples should also visit the social media pages of a photography business to read client feedback and the photographer’s response.

Wedding Cinematographer - Choosing a Wedding Photographer

The decision to hire a wedding photographer should not be based on looks alone. Interviews are very important, and couples should meet the photography professionals in person. In addition to the wedding galleries, they should ask to see some full wedding albums for a well-rounded view of the photographer’s work. If they like what they see and the fees are right, they can check for availability on their wedding date.

Engaged couples should not underestimate the importance of bonding with their photographer. Professionals get better shots of their clients when their personalities mesh. A wedding photographer should understand social graces but be bold enough to hunt for a great image. Since the photographer shadows a wedding couple’s every move, it is important for everyone to feel comfortable with each other.

Large studios may have several photographers working at a single event. Bloomsbury wedding filming and photography is one example. Having more than one photographer can ensure that the event is covered from various angles. When a contract includes more than one photographer, however, a couple should make sure they “click” with all of the professionals.

Wedding photography prices vary based on what the wedding package includes, where the photographer is based and the length of time the photographer spends at the wedding. Most packages include six to 12 hours to cover everything from pre-ceremony events to the wedding reception. Some photographers also do engagement shoots and other events like bachelor parties and bridesmaid luncheons.

Most contracts give the photographer the rights to all photos taken at the wedding. This means the photographer can use the photos in blog or website promotions, advertisements or print publications. Most photographers also require clients to share only photos that have watermarks with their credit on them. If a couple intends to make their own prints or buy an album from another source, they must buy the rights to their wedding photos.

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