Cutest Baby Photography Props Ideas

Written by  on April 4, 2014 

When you think of props, costumes and photography, it is only too easy to assume that the resulting photos would be comical, cliche and even common. Therefore, the key to ensuring a successful and memorable newborn photography session is in choosing the right props for your newborn. Keeping the theme personal while using cute props is the fine line many newborn photographers have to tread. Many newborns are now photographed when only 5-10 days old. At this stage, babies are still acclimatising to human touch and need be always kept comfortable. This is where professional newborn photographers come in, to ensure your newborn is snug and warm throughout the shoot for adorable and memorable results. So which props are best for you and your baby?

Crochet for baby - Cutest Baby Photography Props Ideas
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Nowadays props can range from the strange, like teacups and birds’ nests to the tranquil such as beds and beanies and some are even best shot with special effects such as sepia tones or in black and white. Getting a professional newborn photographer is especially important if new parents want to incorporate a more personal, local feel, as the rising number of Surrey newborn photographers have proven. Not only do we provide a full-service studio for your personal use, our wide catalogue of products includes bespoke frames, prints, sets, albums, and props. Here are 5 Baby Photography Props to consider:

1. Beanies and blankets

The key to newborn photography is keeping it simple, as you want to bring out the quiet innocence of the newest addition to your family, without descending into cliché, comical territory. Thus, options such as beanies and blankets are the best for this effect. Not only is the baby comfortable with such props, they enhance the result of showing a newborn in his or her most natural position. Even within this category, there are ways to get creative. You can use a fur blanket for a classy, angelic look, or use knitwear hats and wraps to bundle your babe for a cosier, intimate feel.

2. Nests and hammocks

Building on the earlier theme, you can start looking to more creative props to emphasise the ‘newness’ of your adorable child. This is where additional props such as nets, hammocks and baskets come in. A large number of parents have favoured the stork look, and as a result there is a wide range of stork sacks or birds’ nests to drive home this point. Pair your baby blankets, beanies and wraps with baskets and nests for a more creative result. Of this mushrooming crop, Light Republic Studio has stood out for a loyal clientele that started with our newborn photography services, only to come back for customised personal and family portraits down the road.


Baby sleeping - Cutest Baby Photography Props Ideas
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3. Ears and wings

This is where you are treading through tricky territory, balancing between comical costumers and cute props. You would also need a professional photographer to get your baby comfortable with headbands (for bunny ears etc) or wings. Ensuring both wings and ears match so as not to come off silly – unless that is your intention – is equally important so browse through the entire catalogue and get a second opinion if you are unsure.

4. Household utensils and furniture

Another popular prop category is that of photographing newborns snuggled in bowls or teacups to emphasize their smallness.  More adventurous photographers and parents capture their babies nestled in drawers or other furniture for a more memorable result. Regardless, there is long list of regular household utensils, and furniture that can be worked into a unique prop for your newborn’s photo.

5. Themed costumes and jerseys

To further personalise your newborn photography memories, why not add in props that add perspective to the shoot? These can range from having your newborn decked out in daddy’s favourite footie colours, or full-blown angel and pirate regalia. Do you want a crown with that? For decades, many proud parents have dressed up their little princes and princesses in the finest costumes in pursuit of that memorable family photography – so why not for a newborn too?

In recent years, there has been a major move towards more ‘authentic’- looking photos, photos that capture the feeling of the family and look less posed. This is even more important when a family is welcoming a new member. Too often, parents are so harried looking after their newborn that the first photos are taken only weeks after the child is brought home. A major part of newborn photography is cuddling the baby and keeping the child comfortable for photos. Professional photographers and studios now not only build on this part of the job, but also have a large portfolio of themes and props at hand for parents to choose from.

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