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Many people like to take pictures using a camera but only some of them who actually well informed on how to use the focus modes properly. You might be thinking that we don’t need an extensive knowledge on a camera if we just want to use it occasionally. But, the thing is if you know which focus to use on different occasions, it will make your photos result look more realistic and clearer. Besides, if you don’t use a proper focus modes then it will likely result in a blurry pictures and you definitely do not want that to happen. There are usually 2 two focus modes on most retail cameras. The first one is manual focus and the second one is auto focus.

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Manual focus is pretty simple, it requires you, the photographer, to make all the decision regarding on how you want the picture to be taken. It will give you complete control of your camera without allowing your camera any kind of intervention or adjustment. You will want to use this mode if you are already familiar with your camera and photography in general. This mode will exert your creativity and lets you take photos in any way you want. However, if you are a complete newbie when it comes to photography then I suggest you stay away from this mode because your photo result may end up disastrous unless you just want to try it out and experiment.

In the other hand, the auto focus mode will ensure that your camera will automatically adjust its focus mode accordingly based on the situation you specify. The auto focus mode actually divided again into 5 different options. They are single area focus, multi area focus, spot focus, continuous focus, and face-priority focus.

In single area focus, camera focuses on a subject in the center area of the screen. It will then adjust the focus accordingly based on the distance to the subject. This focus is very useful to shoot a static objects and also most accurate because you are the one who decide on which object to focus, not the camera.

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For multi area focus, the camera will automatically focus using multiple focus points. The focus positions change accordingly based each subject, then it will tries to focus a number of objects simultaneously within a single scene.

Spot focus will make the camera focuses on a very precise center area of the screen. What it does is it keeps part of the image in focus while making the rest blurry. Some cameras have a function mode that will make this process easier and some don’t. To manually recreate this, you need to take the camera out of the auto focus, and adjust the lighting and the aperture to create a very narrow depth of field.

In continuous autofocus the camera will continuously focuses on a single object within the screen area. In this mode, the camera will adjust its focus continuously as the distance between the camera and the object changes. This mode is very useful to shoot moving objects such as moving cars and flying airplanes. On digital cameras with video capabilities, continuous autofocus is usually the default mode. You can hold the shutter button half way down and keep moving the camera to follow the object in the screen. The camera will continuously keep the object in focus.

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Face priority autofocus is a digital camera detection function that scans for facial structures/details. It controls the autofocus based on the location of the detected face in the scene area. It can also give a brightness/contrast priority to the face as well. Some digital cameras will also allow you to lock focus on a specific face. If the object moves, the focus remains on the object’s face.
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