Digital Camera Repair or Replace? Tips on How to Decide

Written by  on November 18, 2010 

With the price of cameras dropping, people are asking themselves more and more whether or not it make sense to buy a new camera or to just replace the old one. As a camera is a valuable and sometimes costly investment, this question should not be taken lightly. The answer could seriously affect your bank account and your pictures.

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Technicians are able to repair broken cameras more easily and more quickly than ever before. Repairs that used to take several hours several years ago, now take 30 minutes or less. This means less cost in labor to the consumer. Additionally, parts are less expensive because they are manufactured easier than ever before. Inexpensive synthetic plastics oftentimes replace metal gears and components. So as the cost of cameras drop, so do the cost of the repairs.

Let’s not be impractical though. Sometimes it’s just illogical and not cost effective to repair your camera. Sometimes you can get a camera or lens with newer options and features and one that works better for less money. You may get new bells and whistles for less than you could get your camera repaired. Or if you’re into that kind of thing, you can get a new color camera that you can accessorize with you newest outfits.

But for me, I have several higher end DSLR’s that I love. I know where all the buttons are, I know how to program all the features without thinking, and I can take high quality pictures with my eyes closed, because I know these cameras so well. I know these cameras are bug free and there will not be any untimely surprises when I’m in the middle of an important shoot. New bells and whistles can’t replace that feeling of certainly. These cameras fit me like a glove. And I don’t want new gloves. I like my current ones.

The consumer should check prices of cameras that have the same features as the camera in question. The consumer should then get a price quote from a camera repair facility. C.R.I.S. Camera Services, for example, has high grades for price, speed, and quality with the Better Business Bureau. After getting a camera repair quote, if the camera repair is less than 80% of a new camera with the same features, get the camera repair. If the camera repair is more than 80% of the new unit, go ahead and buy the new unit.

Follow these rules and you will always save the most amount of money on your camera.

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