Digital Cameras – The Advantages

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The first digital cameras were developed and sold in the early 1990s. Before this, photographs had to be individually processed at specialist outlets such as Kodak.

Kodak Brownie Starlet - Digital Cameras - The Advantages
Photo: Will Scullin

Previous cameras required a film where the photographs were printed and this then had to be removed and taken to a developers. Using this method of processing, it was impossible for the owner to pick and choose exactly which photographs they wanted printing and the number of copies.

Using today’s computerised process machines and cheap digital cameras, there is an option for numerous copies. Separate photos are all relatively cheap as well, costing around 4p per photo from shopping markets such as ASDA.

Digital cameras also have an instant erase function, which saves time and money and eliminates the possibility of printing spoilt or unwanted photos whereas on a film camera, these photos could not be removed and would cost the user to have these developed.

A further advantage would be the option of home printing. If you own an ink-jet printer, it is possible to print out your digital photos in your own home. This means there is no waiting time on photos and you do not have to go out of your way to have your photos printed.

Colour Ink - Digital Cameras - The Advantages
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However, you will need to buy coloured ink which is unfortunately quite expensive.

Following new developments in digital technology, the quality and mega-pixel resolution of the cameras has reached an all time best with the top-of-the-range cyber shots from Sony reaching 16.2 mega-pixels. It is now also possible to purchase both 3D and HD digital cameras.

Digital cameras can also store more photos and with the availability of different size memory cards, it is now possible to store as many as 600 on one card. Traditional film cameras however are limited to the number of photos that can be taken before it has to be processed.

DSLR Cameras - Digital Cameras - The Advantages
Photo: The Suss-Man

The price of digital cameras has also dropped significantly as they have become more widely available to the consumer. You can now buy a digital camera from many retailers for as little as £40, so even if you’re as ‘technophobic’ as Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, there’s no reason to not own one.

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