Favorable Tips to take Best Digital Photos

Written by  on February 20, 2014 

Photography is my passion since I was in high school. I used to take different random clicks of my home, people working in fields, some funny photos of friends and photos of flying birds. Then I left photography because of my strict business profession. But now I am again thinking to polish this talent. But this needs great services and highly professional knowledge.

Photo shooting - Favorable Tips to take Best Digital Photos
Image: flickr.com/photos/kkoshy

Seriously now in middle age I don’t think I should join any photographic institute to learn. I asked many friends to help and tell me about some articles and reasonable services to gain help.

Best Knowledge about Digital Camera:

First of all it’s very important to have sufficient knowledge about the digital camera you are using. Because when I was in high school, I didn’t know much about camera I always used LCD rather viewfinder. Now LCD takes lot of battery and anytime your camera can go dead. So their expert photographer told me to use viewfinder instead of LCD.

Apply ‘Rule of Thirds’:

Rule of thirds is a most common rule used by professional photographers. Actually I knew about that rule but the proper guidance was provided me the workers of image printers. This rule guided me to divide the main subject in three sections. One is top, then middle and bottom. The camera frame is divided into 9 compartments, place your main subject either far right or far left of the frame. Don’t settle it in center as it will create odd effect. You can learn more about rule of thumb by visiting the trustable site Rule of Thirds.

Get Personal while Capturing:

It’s my habit that I got shy while taking photographs of people. I feel least daring to move close to the people for capturing their expressions and main objects. But the expert told me to avoid that attitude. So I started to take photos from close angles, once I captured my baby’s photo that was playing with cats. I secretly captured the photo so that he cannot notice. That was a great photo indeed so I thought to use canvas photos online form image-printers.com  for further beautification. I learnt that if you want more sharpness and credibility of your photograph then don’t hesitate to get personal. Being a photographer, it’s your duty and profession to capture the emotions. So get close and personal to the people for better photo results.

Take Bunch of Shots:

Distressfulness in my photography was I only captured single shots. This is a wrong attitude. Best way is to take couple of photos of single required subject. Sometimes when you take only one photo, may be you dislike it or photo get blur or noisy. So it would be great to take lots of shots, then after capturing observe them critically and remove the extra shots you disliked.

Lighting Effects: Best for Bright Photos

Lighting effects matters a lot if you are taking photos with digital camera. When you will use the camera without flash in less lighting the photos will look less appealing and dark. Flash is very important to take photos in day time as well as in night. You can also create artificial lighting effects by placing LED lights or standing below the key lights.

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