Finding the Right DSLR for You

Written by  on August 23, 2012 

Check a woman’s bag and you will usually find a digital camera along with her cellphone and other personal effects. From food to fashion and sceneries, people will always find something to document through photos. Because of the social networking sites where you can instantly upload photos, as well as the ease in printing photos, it is no wonder why everyone owns a DSLR nowadays.

Canon EOS M 500x310 - Finding the Right DSLR for You

Thanks to the latest features of the DSLRs available in the market today, it is now easier to have a high-resolution photo and provide room for customization. Photos have never been as beautifully crafted as the ones you can see now. Even the nighttime scenes that have been a challenge before can result in stunning shots.

From Canon, quality maker of DSLR, comes two high-resolution cameras equipped with the DIGIC 5 processor to make your photos pop, a Hybrid AF system for shooting super-fast stills and movies, and APS-C hybrid CMOS sensor. The Canon EOS 650D or Rebel T4i and Canon EOS-M cameras allow you to express your creative vision as well as turn you into a filmmaker. These cameras complement their features and though the EOS-M will not be available until October, the 650D comes at a reasonable price if you are trying to purchase one now.

Canon EOS Rebel T4i 500x310 - Finding the Right DSLR for You

For men who are supporter of viewfinders, used to traditional buttons and would not like an expense of another mount adapter, the Canon EOS Rebel T4i is the right camera for you. For women, who may want something tiny that will fit their purse, the Canon EOS-M is a great choice.

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