Five Things to Take on a Road Trip

Written by  on May 18, 2011 

A road trip is a fun holiday that everyone in the family will enjoy. Whether you take the whole family, go as a couple or head off on your own, a road trip is about just letting the road take you where it will. You may decide to stop off overnight and keep on driving the next day, or you might decide you like a particular location and stay a few days. The flexibility of a road trip is what makes it so appealing. It does help to plan your trip and to make it more comfortable take a few things with you.

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Before you go make sure that you have your car serviced, whether car service Melbourne or Sydney, but have your car checked. It would ruin your entire holiday if you broke down along the way.

During a road trip you will stop along the way for breaks and meals, and a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate can help revive you. While you are travelling it is a lot easier to carry hot drinks in a Thermos to prevent spills, which could be dangerous will driving, plus it will keep your drinks warm. A warm drink on a cold day is nice and the caffeine can help keep you alert.

Snacks are a good idea, not just for when you are hungry, as they can break up the trip a bit. Pack healthy snacks, rather than eating salty chips or chocolate bars. If you are sitting for long periods you won’t burn off a huge amount of calories, and as well as being bad for you, they can make you overweight. Fruit, nuts or raw vegetables are good, and can be prepared before you leave and don’t take up much room. Buy a good lunch box before you go to keep food fresh. Lunch boxes tend to have small compartments within them nowadays, so they are perfect for different snacks.

Having music definitely helps the trip seem faster, so choose your favourite music and make up a CD before you go. Don’t rely on the radio as you won’t always be in range of your favourite station, and if you are heading away from major cities your choice of stations could be limited.

Depending on where you are going you might find that cash is the only accepted method of payment. It is also wise to have cash on you in case of an emergency. Anywhere you go cash is accepted, and it is also good to have a collection of coins in the car for things like tolls, parking ticket machines, vending machines or even public toilets that require payment.

Having a GPS or Global Positioning System in your car is a good idea. These systems are improving all the time and it eliminates the need for large road maps or road atlases. You simply program in your destination and it can either show you where you need to go, or it can give you spoken directions.

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