How can you use Hair Extensions for Photography Purposes

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Now, every bride wants to look the prettiest in her wedding ceremony and it is absolutely normal. Nowadays, almost every other bride chooses on executing a photo shoot encompassing her wedding. Some brides prefer for a fairly tale theme and some want to be more like movies. For photographers, it becomes a really strenuous job to get the bride in right look. Now, it completely depends on the would-be wife, the theme of the shoot. She might like to focus on her best assets, such as hair, or eyes or smile. So, as a photographer, you will need to make sure that she gets what she asks for.

hair Extensions - How can you use Hair Extensions for Photography Purposes
Photographing a Model with hair Extensions


Now, if your bride asks for you to concentrate on her mane, then it is essential that you use a number of options for complimenting her whole look. There have also been many cases, when a bride has hair loss problems and which has eventually made never to dream about a photo shoot. However, there is solution to every problem. You can definitely incorporate Brazilian hair extension, which completely look natural like any real hair.

If your hair is straight than you can obviously go for a complete makeover look with Brazilian hair extensions. Generally, these are wavy in look, which is considered to be totally in fashion this fall season. You can adjust them according to the demand of your camera lens. You can make the bride don medium to high length hair and the look can be changed at any definite moment.


Many photographers make the mistake of focusing too much on the person rather on the hair. When you are shooting hairs, then it is necessary that you don’t highlight or focus too much on the model. With the aid of extensions, you can really make a stunning hair photo album, since they are very lustrous in looks.

Brazilian Hair Extensions - How can you use Hair Extensions for Photography Purposes
Brazilian Hair Extensions are Very Beautiful

It is essential that you don’t get shot of the front face or shoulders when you are capturing the hair. It is necessary that you show off the hair and not the model. It is also essential that you take at least shots and that too from the back, right and left side and from the front.

During the hair photo shoot, it is really necessary that you get in a conversation with the hair dresser and get more information about hair extensions and how well they can be used to make a person beautiful and what are the various tips that can keep the look of the extended mane ever green.

It is always advised to avoid any chances of shooting face front. It is necessary that you keep the model angle in such a way that the extensions can show off.

Make sure that you use minimum flash options. According to experts, extensive hair styling and flash really don’t glue together. The flash might be the reason behind too much contrast and light. It is best to use natural light just after 3pm, and make the model stand facing the north side. And if it is mandatory to use flash, then you will need to adjust it in EV mode and with a power of 1/8. It is always wise to use a longer lens, as it will definitely, help you to get a better look of the Brazilian extensions that you wish to keep in focus.


Hope, this article proves of any help to you. You can always visit photography websites and blogs for knowing acquiring more information about hair photography and the innovative ways in which hair extensions can be used.

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Summary: There are many ways in which you can use hair extensions in photography. You can definitely use them in looking your models more pretty and beautiful.

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