How Flickr is Changing the World of Art and Photography

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Social networking sites really do rule the roost these days and have changed how people lead their lives. It’s easy to chat to people you don’t even know and finding out what friends are up to, has been made that much easier all round. No matter what you think of them, the one site that is of real value is Flickr, and it’s a social networking site that’s changing the world of art and photography as we know it and it’s changing it for the better.

Flickr is Changing the World - How Flickr is Changing the World of Art and Photography
One of the most popular networking sites on the planet

The Advantages of Using Flickr

Flickr has become one of the most successful sites on the planet, combining loads of valuable aspects which includes being a photography school, a superb art gallery and somewhere people from all walks of life, can experiment with their love of photography and art. The site offers amateur photographers the opportunity to improve their techniques; people who need to develop their skills can use the site to enhance them – all through a massive community of like-minded people living in far flung corners of the world.

Since the site was first launched back in 2004, Flickr has gone from strength to strength even though there are other photo-sharing sites out there. The reason is easy to understand because Flickr offers a vast array of community tools people can use when they want and need to. The site is easy to navigate and can be fun to use with new images and new visitors to the site growing every minute of the day. The selection of images and photographs is astounding which is just one of the reasons why it’s so popular today with photographers, writers and anyone else who needs an image to insert into their copy or showcase their work.

Publishing Your Work with Ease

No matter what level of photography a person happens to be on, uploading and getting their images out there for the world to see and appreciate, has been made a whole lot easier through Flickr. The site offers artists, photographers and people searching for images a pleasant experience that can offer superb results. Flickr encourages photographers to keep uploading images, which means they are motivated to improve their techniques and work, often drawing inspiration from other people’s photos which they can view on the site.

Flickr is a superb online art gallery - How Flickr is Changing the World of Art and Photography
Flickr is a superb online art gallery

A Superb Online Art Gallery

Flickr is without a doubt, a superb online art gallery that anyone with internet access can visit whenever they like from the comfort of where they happen to be. Gone are the days of having to make a special trip to an art gallery to view the latest forward thinking images, shot with the latest technology because it’s all there right out our fingertips through Flickr. People travelling to work, on holiday, to a meeting can log on to Flickr and view whatever pleases them – free of charge.

A Whole Artistic Community

The Flickr community is vast – it’s a melting pot of knowledge and it’s become the backbone of many people’s photo-sharing lives. People can learn so much about photography which motivates not only the community, but people’s desire to be involved in a form of art that is so very shareable. Flickr offers people an amazing portfolio-building opportunities which can get them noticed all over the world. There are groups of people on the site that specifically concentrate on certain styles, techniques and even equipment which means there is literally something for everyone.


Over the last few years, Flickr has changed the way photographers from around the world can learn how to shoot the perfect shot and get discovered. Flickr can have a very tangible impact on people’s lives, it’s a school, an art gallery and a superb marketplace all under one virtual roof that more people than ever have discovered and enjoy. Flickr has impacted people’s lives in a very positive way and changed how photography and art is perceived the world over.

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