How to capture your special day: The ins and outs of wedding photography

Written by  on September 17, 2014 

Once you’ve chosen the venue, the dress and, of course, the partner. One of the main decisions you’re left with is the photography. Having lasting memories of the day is important for most couples, it’s these you’ll look back on in years to come and share with friends and family to remind you of your special day. But with so many options available, how do you ensure you choose the one best suited to you? Here is a quick run down of your photographic choices for impending nuptials.

Wedding group Photo - How to capture your special day: The ins and outs of wedding photography

Professional photographer

Hiring a professional photographer to capture your day is a tried and tested method. A good photographer should be able to document your wedding without being intrusive and capture both posed and natural images.

The main bonus of hiring a professional is that they have done it many times before. They should be familiar with the different aspects of the day and know which moments are the most crucial to get on film. Professional photographers should know the most important moments to capture.

Before your wedding your should always meet your photographer so that you all know what to expect on the day. Make a list of group shots that you want in advance, as trying to do this at the wedding can be stressful and time consuming.

A down side to a professional is, of course, the cost. Fees can be enormous and will eat up a large chunk of your wedding budget. There are some photographers who will do weddings more cheaply, but make sure you check their portfolio carefully as bad photos can ruin the memories you have of the day.

Just type a local search e.g. “Surrey Wedding Photographer” to find a ready supply of locally based photographers.

Amateur photographer

Everyone has a friend who is handy with a camera or an uncle who has just splashed out on a fancy kit. And if your wedding budget is tight then this can often seem like a good way to go.

Having a friend photograph your wedding can actually help everyone to relax. You’re likely to get more natural shots, and, as they are there to the end, you’re whole day will be documented.

However if the photos turn out to be bad, or the nominated photographer has a drink too many, it can be awkward to make a complaint. So make sure you have complete confidence before entrusting someone with this task.

If you have a friend with a decent camera, recruiting them to do the photos can help keep cost down

Hampton Court Palace - How to capture your special day: The ins and outs of wedding photography

Throw away cameras

Another cost effective solution is to have throwaway cameras. Place cameras on tables and around the venue and let guests take care of the photography for you.

This is a great way of getting everyone involved in the day and getting some great shots. It’s always exciting waiting to see the results of your guests’ artistic efforts, and the bonus of using film cameras is that you’ll have real prints when you come to develop them.

However you may want to have some professional photos too, because as the wine begins to flow freely, your budding David Baileys may become a bit lax with their framing.

Photo booth hire

If handing complete control over to your guests seems a bit too unnerving, a photo booth could be the perfect compromise.Photo booths are great fun for guests and newly weds alike, the privacy of the booth allows users to loose their inhibitions, and everyone gets a copy of the photo to take home as a souvenir.

A wedding video

If you want to capture your entire day, warts and all, a wedding video could be the way to go. Probably the least flattering of all the options – there is a lot less opportunity for airbrushing and fancy lighting – a video should capture the true atmosphere of the day.

Wedding videos are great to watch for years after the event, and will be great for showing your future children. However try not to watch it too soon after the day, as that elegant dancing you though you were doing may come across a little differently in the light of day.

Whether you decide to hire a professional, utilise your guests’ artistic talents or go the whole hog and have it all. The moments that you capture on your wedding day will stay with you for the rest of your married life and be treasured by you and your partner forever.


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