How to Conduct Model Tattoo Photography Sessions

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Nowadays, the concept of photography has transcended. Nowadays, almost every other person has access to DSLR cameras and advanced digital cameras with both automatic and manual settings. Macro photography technique is pretty common with tattoo photography. It is considered to be one of the best methods by professionals for capturing interesting tattoo designs. You might be familiar with the term model tattoo photography; however, very few people know th4e secret and trick behind it. The concept is pretty simple. You won’t have to capture a single inked art in this type of photography, as it is about focusing on the art that is engraved upon the model’s body.

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Concept of Model Photography

The main concept of this particular type of photography is of focusing upon the composition that is formed by the multiple body arts upon a model’s body. It is necessary that that you keep few things in mind before going for this mode of photo shoot.

First it is essential that you locate your pictorial focus. Try not to confuse the term with your focal. They both are quite different from each-other. The term simply means to locate a certain part of the picture that you want to emphasize upon the most. For instance, if you are capturing the belly of your model, then you will need to place the pictorial focus upon the tattoo that is present around the naval area. The pictorial focus can be considered to be the key that will keep the entire composition of the tattoos in place.

Posing It Right

It is very essential that you make your model pose the right way. The main concern will be of accentuating the tattoos. This can be achieved with the help of the technique of pictorial focus. This way will ensure that the tattoo is not distorted and everything from the surrounding is well framed.

If you are do picturing the back of your model, then it is very essential that the model leans his or her shoulder and the body in a forward direction in a stretching posture for the back skin to show off properly. If you require a vertical shot, then it is better that you ask the models to have their hands in an upward direction.

However it gets really tough to get the right piece of body art that you would like to capture. Now, some of the Best tattoo studio Phuket labs provide their clients with exclusive body inked arts that are unique and which fall under the “never seen before” category. You can have your models inked from these studios for exclusive photography sessions.

Lighting Mechanism

The lighting part is one of the most crucial parts of tattoo photography. You will need to keep the primary focus over the tattoo and not upon the model at any cost. You can achieve this by utilizing back, soft and key light. This is basically known as the three point set up. The key light is used for highlighting the tattoos, the soft light for reducing the harshness off from the shadows that are created by the tattoos and for adding a bit of light over your model. You can achieve all of these by emphasizing more upon the tattoos and eliminating the model from the scene.


For more information, you can always log into professional photography blogs and articles. You can even enroll yourself in a photography institute for learning the ethics and basics of model photography.

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