How to Photograph Your Kids

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Kids can be spectacular at times and when it comes to the joy of your own, nothing could be more fulfilling then snapping your kids’ moments before they spring up into teenagers. But what’s the best way to shoot them with your camera? And how do you really capture the essence of their childhood?

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1. Get them in motion
Nothing’s greater than photographing your kids when they’re in their own element. Some of the best ways to capture them, especially if they’re younger or a bit camera shy, is to get them playing and moving around. This will give you a chance to get in on their world and shoot them when they’re having fun. So get them to kick a ball around or jump in the pool or play with their toys or climb their favourite tree. Most of them will probably notice you holding your Olympus digital camera in front of your face, but after a while they’ll get distracted and you’ll find that some of the best moments with your kids can show up in the frame when they aren’t paying you any attention.

2. Tell them you’re doing it
Of course, most kids love having their photos taken and will probably start jumping around like a star when they see your camera. So rather than relying on their natural movement, you can get some great shots by getting them to “model” for you. Ask them to do a song and dance or pose with their favourite bear. If you’re out and about you can capture them against some great backgrounds and even getting them to talk to the camera can reveal some wonderful moments.

3. Use multi-shot function
Most cameras these days will come with a “multi-shot” or “burst” function, which essentially means that you can take several photos with one click. This can be great for shooting your kids while they’re in movement and you’ll end up with a gorgeous sequence that will be unified by their action. Not only that, when it comes to processing, you’ll be able to pick and choose the pics you think go together the best or that show off their funniest or most dramatic expressions.

4.     Close ups
We usually like to snap kids in their environment, but a surprising alternative to this can be to do the opposite and get super close, either just by zooming in or using your macro or close-up lens. Images where your child’s face fill the whole frame can highlight their individuality and draw out some beautiful and subtle expressions. This is especially the case if you can get them to look straight down the lens, so you can capture their eyes and other features. If you’ve got two kids or more, you can also use this technique to shoot both of them close-up in the frame, producing some wonderful sibling moments.

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5. Get behind them
Kids can be just as evocative and captivating when they’re photographed from behind, without their faces showing. This can be particularly striking if you’re outside and you can capture your child’s surroundings and also show their point of view. If you’re planning to shoot a nice sequence of your kid that you can mount into a photo frame, consider using one of these shots to diversify your sequence so that you don’t end up with a bunch of shots that are all nearly the same.

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