How to Turn Your Room into a Photography Studio

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Being a photographer is one of the most gratifying jobs there is, especially if you have a great passion for photography. But it can be very taxing to do so particularly when you do not have a photography studio of your own. This can be easily remedied, however, by setting one up in the comfort of your room.

Lighting Photography Studio - How to Turn Your Room into a Photography Studio


There are many lights you can choose from that are available in the market to help you with your flash photography. But you may want to start with having these three basic lights:

  • Speedlights – Basically, speedlights are compact flashes that you can take anywhere because of their size. They are also very easy to set up, which is good because this means that you can move it around your room whenever you need to. You can utilize these lights well by making it conjunction with receivers and radio triggers.
  • Constant Lights – Constant lights are pretty much just a lamp. They have to be turned on all the time so you can see how the light falls on your subject. They, however, lack the power and brightness that you might need on your shoot.
  • Studio Strobes – Studio strobes is a high powered light that needs to be plugged in. They can be really expensive to buy and hard to set up because of their weight. However, they can provide you the power you need to complete a shoot.


It is important to set up a backdrop in your photo studio so you can have a background for your setting. Make sure you choose something seamless so it doesn’t create a distraction away from your subject. Consider how much space you are going to use before buying all kinds of backdrops. There are numerous backdrops that you can buy; it just depends on the space you are going to use it on.


Take note of the height of your ceilings for it can greatly affect how your photo will look afterwards. For example, low ceilings can become a huge reflector board that could add light on your photo. Experiment on how you can best utilize your ceiling into your finished product by checking how many lights you actually need in your studio.

Light modifiers

There are many light modifiers that you can use in your studio but these two are the most basic ones:

  • Softbox – This light modifier provides you the control you need over its direction. You can attach them in your speed lights and studio strobes if you want to.
  • Umbrellas – Umbrellas are a great tool you can use to spread light. This can especially work well if you have a group of people for your subject. There are many kinds of umbrellas you can use in your studio but the best kinds are a small silver reflective umbrella and a white shoot-through umbrella.

Take your time setting up

It is not a good idea to pressure yourself into thinking that you immediately need to have a photography studio which has a complete set of equipment. Take your time learning those you currently have on hand and slowly purchase items you need to finally complete your studio.

Take the slowly but surely route in building your photography studio in own your room at home or in a condo for sale in The Fort.


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