I’ll be back: classic Arnie movies

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‘I’ll be back’ – a classic catchphrase associated with one of the most famous action heroes/movies stars of all time. Regardless of whether you’ve seen his movies or not, you will have more than likely heard this phrase time and time again.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger first appeared in ‘The Terminator’ – a film that took the box office by storm. Almost every household will own this movie on DVD, and will have watched the film more than just the once. However, with technology constantly changing, Arnie fans will have more than likely purchased this film on Blu-Ray or otherwise, have it as a download saved to their computer or state-of-the-art television.

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Other films he has been spotted in include Commando, Raw Deal, Twins, Kindergarten Cop, Last Action hero and The Running Man. All have been popular and many are aired on TV on a regular basis. He has also used the ‘I’ll be back’ catchphrase in each of these movies, which ensures it has been long lived.

At first, Arnie had trouble pronouncing ‘I’ll’ and asked the director at the time (James Cameron) if it could be changed. The end result involved Schwarzenegger practising the line a number of times, and it was filmed until he could say the original version correctly.

If Arnie is featured in a film, you know it will be somewhat of an action-packed movie; he often plays the good guy and is usually involved in some sort of rescue mission.

His movies are feel good films that can be watched by the entire family, and regardless of your age, many enjoy all that they have to offer.

Chloe Walker, although a banker by day, enjoys to play with a variety of gadgets when off duty. Some of these gadgets include smartphones, DVD projectors, games consoles and laptops. She often surfs the internet in search of new devices and as such, is familiar with recycling her older gadgets. Her online tips, which appear on her blog, will answer common queries on how to sell old DVD’s and other unwanted films.

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