Imprison time for Wonderful Memories! Nikon D800

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The general notion that words describe your feelings can be molded into something more creative and unique. Speak through your pictures as they describe your feeling louder than words. Nikon has been worshipping this statement and has produced some very unique and quality based products that are beyond any competition. The latest addition to the family is with Nikon D800 which is an immaculate piece of art for capturing some high quality images.

Front Nikon D800 500x512 - Imprison time for Wonderful Memories! Nikon D800

The Nikon D800 is appropriate for all shooting conditions and can be used as a device to fulfill your hobby of capturing some high class photographs. The camera comes with highly developed features letting the photographers capture pragmatic and precise images without any considerable effort.

Specifications Of Nikon D800:

  • LCD Monitor: Nikon’s D800 has a remarkable viewing angle with 921,000-dot VGA screen which is durable and has a dust removal feature for better functioning.
  • Advanced Image Processing: The Nikon D800 CMOS Digital Camera brags a resolution of 36.3 MP. The resolution possessed by this camera gives it the ability to capture some very fine shots on a bright sunny day with complete perfection and detailing.
  • High Density AF Points: Nikon D800 features 51 high-resolution AF points that delivers enhanced precision of images bundled with subject tracking. The camera is capable of performing quite well even in low light conditions. 
  • Incredible HD Videos: With decreased systematic shutter, the D800 produces 1080- high-definition show quality videos. It also enables you to simultaneously watch the live shooting on some external monitor which lets you record the videos as well. 
  • The D800 also possesses features like highly reliable audio recording, playback control and full HD digital video recording under multiple areas
  • In situations where you have to shoot chronic color images, the D-800 showcases an optical low-pass filter in the lead of its sensors that produces minor haziness helping to bring down artificial tinge and other irregularities.
  • Designed feature for video editors, this camera supports basic formats like JPEG and TIFF but is also capable of converting RAW or NEF images that can be highly useful while editing videos. Covering studio photography, this camera is highly capable of shooting on a commercial level too under various shooting conditions. Endowing its users with high level of flexibility, this camera lets you choose and use the lenses you wish to for the perfect shot.

D800 with lens 500x379 - Imprison time for Wonderful Memories! Nikon D800

Key features:

  • 36.3MP CMOS sensor
  • 15.3MP DX-format capture mode
  • 25MP 1.2x Crop mode
  • 3.2″, 921,000 dot LCD with anti-fog layer
  • ‘Expeed 3’ Image Processing
  • 51-point AF system with 15 cross-type sensors, rated to ISO 100-6400 extendable to ISO 25,600 equivalent.
  • Advanced Scene Recognition System with 91,000 pixel metering sensor
  • 1080p video at 30, 25 or 24 frames per second, up to 24Mbps, with uncompressed HDMI output and audio monitoring options
  • Maximum 4fps continuous shooting in FX mode
  • Dual-axis Virtual Horizon


 Nikon D800 Price in India is approximately Rs 162,721.

Nikon D800 Pop up flash - Imprison time for Wonderful Memories! Nikon D800


The most famous professionals in the industry including media people, filmmakers, multimedia experts, and event photographers and more equip themselves with such high quality gadgets. A camera like this not only creates a high cinematic experience but also magnifies your abilities to capture more quality with ease and proficiency. For recording full HD videos and grasping some high quality shots, this camera will never disappoint you.

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