Negative Scanning Services Make a World of Difference

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Negatives were once a part of every photographer’s life. Yet only the very best, and the most dedicated of photographers kept a detailed catalogue of their negatives. The purpose in having these negatives was so that the photographer could make prints of their work. But what happened to all of these negatives? Well, avid photographers still have them stored away, and if you happen to be one of these people then you realize that you either have to throw those old negatives away, or get them scanned and turned into digital format so you don’t lose them.

Negative Film - Negative Scanning Services Make a World of Difference

As with all services, this is something you can do yourself when you have the specialized negative scanner needed to complete the job, or you can make the process more efficient and less stressful by having someone else do the job for you. Negative photo scanning is a process that professional online businesses can do for you at very affordable prices.

Where do You Find the Service?

You can find negative photo scanning companies online, although there are some local document companies that also offer the service alongside their other offerings. The process is a fairly automated one, so it’s not that expensive.

The Process

When you perform a negative scan, you scan the negative to a digital format, then with your digital imaging software you can convert that negative in digital format into a digital image. The first step to the process is to run each negative through a special negative scanner, which converts the images into digital format. The process is essentially similar to that of sending your negatives in to be printed, only in this case you get a digital image back.

Though the process seems an easy one it does take some time to get it right, so that you get a USB, DVD or CD disk with the right images, ordered correctly, and with the best definition possible. In many cases, when you contract a company to do this for you, they will also enhance the image where needed at no additional cost.

Why Convert?

Do you have those old negatives of the kids’ baseball games, of the birth of your first born; you might even have negatives that your parents or grandparents left behind. Wouldn’t you like to preserve those images for future generations? Ok so they aren’t family negatives but rather negatives for your business; you still want to preserve them as this is the history of your business.

Not Just for End Consumers

Negative scanning is not just for photographers or end consumers either, many businesses also find themselves with many of these obsolete negatives on hand. So at some point, they must either modernize and convert the negatives to digital format for future business use, or throw them out. Technology changes all the time and it is so easy to get behind. Additionally, a company that does negative scanning often also offers other specialized negative scanning services like microfiche and microfilm scanning; and of course, the more scanning you require, the more affordable the prices.

What Can I Do With the Negatives Once Scanned?

Once you have your photos in digital format you can convert them into slide shows and use them for a celebration or a corporate party. You can print them out again to your heart’s content. You can get them up on social media. Don’t let these negatives get away as they offer a story of who you are and what you stand for.

Final Thought

Often, you let these old negatives grow even older by sitting in a forgotten drawer. You don’t want to throw them away for fear of losing what you have there. However, you might as well, because negatives only have a certain shelf life. They begin to fade, eventually so much, that you can’t ever get a good print from that negative. Don’t let this happen. Convert the negatives to digital and preserve them forever.

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