Paintings: Fabric painting and its various types

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Fabric painting is a very different and unique form of art where a cloth is used as a base for doing the art. It is a very traditional form of art but is very popular in today’s time. The usage and popularity of fabric paintings have increased so much that it is being used as very popular handicraft by people for decorating their home or office. In many places, people also practice this fabric painting as a hobby, where they can express their thoughts and views in the form of art.

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It is the vivacious reflection of the painter, by using different painting techniques on the fabrics. Fabric painting can be done at a very reasonable cost by using simple methods and procedures. It is all about mixing different shades of vibrant colors and using techniques in equal and appropriate proportions. It is very much needed for the painters to use the proper quantity of colors so that good paintings are created on fabric. Now day, painters use different kinds of fabric for paintings, these fabric paintings are available in different forms like:

  • Batik Painting
  • Siberia
  • Silk Screening
  • Dyeing
  • Layering
  • Watercolor

These are the various kinds of painting, which can be done on the fabric for giving the lively expression to the paintings. Many people do this fabric art as a hobby whereas for many it’s a source of income. It is becoming more popular and is developing as a new trend in the painting business as it is more convenient to utilize as compared to any other method. Other than the handicrafts, fabric paintings are also done on other things like ladies dresses, hand bags, curtains, and men shirts, cushion covers, etc. With the help of fabric paintings new and unique things can be designed. It is a very easy form of art and can be done by anyone very easily, on e need not to be an expert for doing fabric painting.

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With the increase in demands of the fabric paintings among the people, there are various types of paints available in the market. Stores are full of different shades of color so that people can use their creativity on the fabric for making good form of art. These paints have non-toxic contents so are very good and safe to use by the kids. Different textures and shades can be done by creating various effects on fabric. The alcohol and salt effect are very popular techniques used in fabric paintings, for doing these techniques one should be expert. Other than that the silk paintings are also liked by people for various decoration purposes. Thus, fabric painting is one of the easiest as well as popular and likes forms of art, which is mostly liked by people.

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