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Written by  on September 3, 2010 

Although at first glance photo scanning may seem like an easy task, when you have hundreds or even thousands of old photos to scan, it becomes a serious investment of time. Depending on your scanner it could literally take you days if not weeks in front of your computer scanning one photo after the next.

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Fortunately for such situations there are a number of photo scanning companies, such as Photobin, that will allow you to send boxes full of photos and they will scan them to disk and return them to you with the option to save to a photo sharing website, for remote storage.

Why scan your old photos you ask? and why would you want them saved at a remote location? The simple answer is, for most people, their old photos represent memories that if lost can never be replaced, and too many things can happen to take a chance with such valuable possesions. In an instant, a fire, flood, theft, or any number of tragedies could occur and your photos could be lost forever. By scanning and backing up you photos you ensure that your photos are safe.

In addition, old photos, no matter how much care is taken to protect them, tend to fade. Old photos also tend to have other issues such as scratches, discoloration and more. Scanning your photos can protect against these types of issues as well.

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