Photo-shoots: 4 Ways to Help Your Male Model Look Their Best

Written by  on October 11, 2013 

In many instances, male models can be an endless source of frustration. It isn’t that the guys don’t look great, which they often do, but many men simply don’t take care of themselves with the same amount of care as women. They will go months without getting their hair cut, shave only once a week, and wear clothes that have wrinkles and stains. Even the most fashionable of male models will still not take care of the minor things that often show up on the camera. Here is a quick look at four things that I have discovered can truly turn a mediocre looking guy into a stunning model.

Male Model 500x375 - Photo-shoots: 4 Ways to Help Your Male Model Look Their Best

Exfoliate His Skin Once a Week

The problem with the camera is that it tends to bring out every single flaw that it sees. This is especially true when it comes to skin. Getting the skin to be the right color is always a troublesome process, but it is made even more difficult when there are multiple flaws and other dermatological issues. Because of this, I always have my models exfoliate their skin a couple days before the shoot. There are plenty of different cleansers available on the market, but make sure that you get one that is a good quality. When properly used, the cleanser should remove all of the dead skin from your models body. Your model should also give special attention to their face during this cleaning process, being sure to use cleaning strips that can remove most of their blackheads. By doing all of this a couple days before a shoot, you can avoid any problems with red or raw skin.

Get His Hair Trimmed

Often, one of the biggest detractors to a man’s looks is their hair. No matter where it is on their body, it can ruin great pictures, unless you want to spend hours on Photoshop editing out all of the flaws. Something I have discovered, that has changed all of my pictures, is the power of my local Denver barber that works in The Art of Shaving store. Professional barbers can be found in just about any city, and if they are anything like the barber I have used, they will be able to truly work magic on your model.

The day before any photo-shoot (or the morning before, if I am shooting in the evening) I will take my model to the barber. I will have the barber not only trim their hair, but I will also have them give the model a professional shave. The results are always amazing, and I have never had a problem with a model that had the negative new haircut look. Barbers’ services can be expensive, but it is a minor cost when you see how much it actually improves your pictures.

Groom His Eyebrows

Women are not the only ones who should groom their eyebrows. Most of my guys have protested against this process, but it has had enormous results when I have been able to get in there and remove all of the stray hairs that are harming their look. The key with grooming guys’ eyebrows is to make sure that you are not shaping them, unless you want to have them a more feminine look. Instead, simply try to make them even and controlled. Remove the stray hairs and any light areas that are on the edge of the eyebrow. This might require some experimentation, but a guy with properly groomed eyebrows will not only look better, but they will look even more manly.

Clean and Trim His Nails

This last subject frustrates me to no end, especially if I am going to be doing full body shoots instead of facials. I have spent hours in Photoshop editing nails that have not received proper care and attention, something that could be easily avoided with a small amount of care. What I like to do to avoid this issue is to have my model cut his nails 4-5 days before the shoot. They should preferably cut the nails immediately after getting out of the shower, which will allow for them to properly clean their nail beds and get under the actual nail a bit. Just a small amount of work in this area can save a huge amount of time when it comes to editing your pictures.

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