Photographic Collection of Unbelievable Things Exist in Nature

Written by  on February 15, 2014 

Nature is beauty and some incredible wonders exist in that beauty. Sometimes we hardly believe that these things are really exists in nature or not? But it’s really very strange that the things which I researched were unbelievably true. I was thinking to launch an exhibition in my art gallery. That exhibition was based on sci-fi and some unbelievable photographs around the world. So I searched out many photographs and created a small collection for displaying in an exhibition.

Blood Falling Antarctica - Photographic Collection of Unbelievable Things Exist in Nature
Photo: Hassan Basagic

Have you ever seen a blood falling view?

Have you ever seen such view? Isn’t it seems scariest? Definitely it is. But don’t need to scare it will ever harm you anyway. This scariest view exists in Antarctica. This spectacular view can be observed from the tongue of Taylor glacier and directly fall into the solid snow covered surface. Actually it is an iron oxide plume and is red color so it seems like blood flowing over the glacier.

Multi-Colored Trees Exist in Hawaii:

This peculiar kind of multi colored tree existed in New Guinea, New Britain and many areas. Actually this tree belongs to Eucalyptus species. This is called Rainbow Eucalyptus tree. It was a long tree and naturally existed in many colors. That was a colorful photo so I thought to put the photo on canvas. This looks playful and more creative. I sorted out that picture after lots of hard work. Actually its leaves were simple lush green in color but its bark was multi colored, which was a distinctive and unique feature of this tree. Their outer patch sheds yearly. And after some time its bark turns into different colors like purple, maroon, orange and blue tones.

Illuminating Blue waves - Photographic Collection of Unbelievable Things Exist in Nature

Illuminating Blue Waves in Maldives:

This beautiful view exists in vadhoo island of Maldives. This was an extremely different kind of beach side which I have never seen in my life. It was looking like a fantasy, because that was only a photo. If we see this in real life then might be we can believe on that blue illuminating waves. There is a biological light exists in blue waves. And this is because phytoplankton product exists in water.

Light Reflecting Pillars in Moscow:

Another breathtaking photo collection was the beautiful light pillars exist in Moscow.  Actually that was not physically exists, it’s totally a visual feature. Light comes from any source like moon, sun or even street lights then this light reflects on surrounding ice glaciers and they form huge pillars towards the sky. This looks elegant and artificial. But it’s the wonder of nature that it really exists.

Salar de Uyuni - Photographic Collection of Unbelievable Things Exist in Nature

The Merging of Sky and Ground in Bolivia:

The most inspirational and breathtaking view I have ever seen in photographs was the merging of sky and ground in Bolivia. The photo was captured excellently. Actually that was a photo in which sky and land was merging and forming an elegant landscape. The place is called Salar de Uyuni. It is thought to be the most famous and largest salt flat. In very first view, the ground seems covered with water. But actually this isn’t water; this is salt which covers the entire ground. And it creates reflection of sky. It exactly seems like mirror and one can observe the view of sky in the ground.

That amazing photographic collection was definitely a great item for my exhibition which is natural, but unbelievable.

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