Photography and Painting Evolution: Getting Great Paintings from Pictures

Written by  on November 28, 2014 

The very first photos ever made by man were non-camera images produced by placing objects on top of paper, then brushing them with some light silver chloride. One photo took weeks to yield, were more accurate than paintings and everybody wanted to have one, they were very expensive. Later, this technology was outdated when first camera images were taken from a‘cameraobscura’, a pinhole image formation techno. This is far way different from what we have today, the digital SLR.

Painting from Picture 500x360 - Photography and Painting Evolution: Getting Great Paintings from Pictures

In those days, the photo images were treated as special possessions. The celebrity portraits and other images were taken round the world, for others to view and have this feeling like the people in the pictures were actually in front of them. Later on, the human race would be frenzied by photomania and everyone kept a photo to remember and honor the dead, keep beautiful scenes and memories, a habit the digital man is not showing signs of letting go very soon.

Today, best paintings and old photos are scarce and when you bump on one, they are on display in a museum. The old day art has played a huge role in transforming the today photography. Since the negative-positive time, photo processing technology by Talbot, a lot have changed for the better.

The Artista Oil application was developed by Jixipix with an intention to allow people to experience the beauty of oil paintings. It does not have a wide variety of styles. However, it allows the user to choose between oil impressionism and regular oil painting. The Artista Oil is also greatly enhanced and allows the user to have a high level of control over the effects including lighting, tones and texture. This makes it an excellent app for people who would like to modify their paintings. It is a very simple app to master and it is compatible with most devices including PCs.

Photography has come a long way, from painting days to the current digital cameras. We still love our photos; they are the most precious property that keeps the best moments of our lives. Today, it is not just about treasuring the photos; people want to add more value in them by investing in artistic painter to add value to the photos. Through artistic paintings of the photos, people are able to keep their memories for longer and in a better manner. More and more people are now going to the artists to have their paintings from pictures to add more value to their photos.

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