Photography is An Awesome Art

Written by  on March 1, 2015 

Photography is basically the art of painting through light! This is also said photography is an art where photographers don’t require going school. Give camera to child & they will cracked it, provide the same child with keyboard and then they’ll come back in some time. It is well said, that the perfection of the photograph is completely based on the camera that you are using. Below mentioned are some of the top rated & highly rated cameras for this year. Let’s have a look:

Sony Alpha a5100 - Photography is An Awesome Art

Sony Alpha a5100:

This model is known as the Top mirror less camera of the year. It has the picture clarity of 24.3 mp with the feature of built in flash. It has the shooting speed of about 6 fps and size of the screen is 3 inch LCD. The most wonderful part is the battery life which can shoot 400 shots at a go.
Nikon Coolpix P610 - Photography is An Awesome Art

Nikon Coolpix P610:

If you are photographing the group of family member or friends at any party or even if you need to stay at some safe distance from any wild & grizzly bear, Nikon Coolpix P610 is what you need to carry. This camera will boasts the most impressive optical zoom of about 60x and most astonishing 24-1440m of the focul range. Nikon Coolpix P610 joins the pair of the Coolpix as well as the rugged cameras. Lens of P610 is image quite stabilized to assist and remove the blurry photos. The body also has good-sized with the textured grip exclusively for the solid handhold. This camera usually comes in the color option of black & red. The Automatic as well as scene presets available for the shooting of no-brainer, while people who wish some more control will also find the aperture-priority, with the shutter-priority as well as modes of manual exposure, with the exposure of bracketing & even exposure of compensation.

Canon EOS 5DS - Photography is An Awesome Art

Canon EOS 5DS & 5DS R:

Canon 5DS & 5DS R both these camera target the studio as well as the landscape photographers who are looking for the super detailed as well as the clear pictures with different last bit of the sharpness. Moreover, 5DS R also lacks the low-pass of the anti-aliasing filter that is also used for decreasing the jagged lines as well as moiré that are the wavy patterns, however at cost of the detail. It is for the first time Canon EOS DSLR would now ship devoid of any low-pass of the filter, even though the technique already has been employed at D810 of Nikon and NX1 of Samsung.

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