Pictures of Celebrities: Melanie Collins

Written by  on May 26, 2011 

Melanie Collins becomes more and more popular nowadays. She appears at many national channels being a reporter for such companies as E!, NBA-TV and many others. Melanie’s career started after she graduated from Penn State University. A good-looking and smart young lady is the best employee for any channel nowadays. So, it is natural that Melanie’s career swiftly moved up.

melanie collins 25 - Pictures of Celebrities: Melanie Collins

She interviewed a lot of celebrities and sportsmen. Being only 25 years old, she achieved great results and now she’s becoming one of the faces of National TV. But Melanie Collins image is not only good in being a reporter. She’s also great as a photo model. Melanie Collins images are ones of the most demanded images on the web nowadays.

The collection of pictures with Melanie can be found at her personal web source as well as on her Facebook page, if you are her friend there, certainly. The rising star of Melanie Collins is demanded by many photographers nowadays. More and more magazines offer photo sessions to her. And you may find Melanie Collins photos on your city boards today advertising this or that program. It’s natural that photographers look for new faces and bodies for their works and Melanie is the right person for that.

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