Printing a T-shirt at Home: What You Need to Know and Consider

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Wearing a t shirt with some unique and stylish prints on them have always been a vogue among the youngsters. Anyone who wants to possess a t shirt with the print of his or her own personal liking has a choice of printing it at home or getting it printed from a printing company. Where printing a t shirt at home will give you an artistic satisfaction in addition to the pleasure of having a piece of clothing that is completely unique and personal, getting it printed from outer sources will be more convenient.

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Whatever sources of printing you choose you need to consider a few things in advance. A key consideration is what colour of t-shirts will you be making use of for your tee shirt printing. A colour does matter as a bolder colour will not give a clear definition to the design printed on it. Therefor choosing a white t-shirt can be a good idea as you will face no significant issues whenever you print on white tee shirts.

If you are going to print the t shirt yourself take special care of the colour of the t shirt and that of the picture you are going to print on it. When printing on light colour t shirts, the ink from your printer will considerably blend using the colour from the t shirt. This is like when we had been young and would consider yellow with red crayons to get orange. This happens only with light ink colours on bright light coloured t shirts.

The t-shirt transfer paper is yet another thing that you have to choose according the colour of your t-shirt. For a white or lighter colour t-shirt you should use a transfer paper suitable for the same. If you desire to print on black or any dark t-shirt you will require a transfer paper which is particularly made for printing on dark colours.

You may print the transfer paper by using a laser or an inkjet printer which later can be hot pressed to obtain printed t shirts. But, prior to you print your picture you have to flip the image to reverse it so that when it is printed on the t shirt you get the correct and proper view. The flipping of the image can be done more easily with the help of some computer software with these special features.

When your transfer paper is compete and ready for the printing, use hand iron in highest heat mode to print the t-shirt. You must adhere to the directions to obtain the most beneficial outcomes. You may also use a warmth press which is a device developed specifically for customized tee shirt printing. You can select the desired temperature you need after which the press can be used on the t shirt for your number of seconds required. This instrument allows you to set the temperature, time and pressure that you require for producing various printed t-shirts to be set. This offers a perfect press and thus a perfect print time after time.

However if all this sounds too complicated you can simply search for a good reputed t shirt printing company online and order your collection of printed t shirts right away.

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