Qualities to Look for in Your Wedding Photographer

Written by  on August 6, 2013 

The wedding photographer is the person in charge of keeping your memories safe. It’s them who will preserve your most special moment. Pick the wrong person and you could be left with lots of blurry photos and all the best parts of the event.

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A good reportage wedding photographer treats the event like a documentary. There’s no artificial direction. They’ll capture everything in a candid manner. You won’t even know they’re there, and this is the beauty of these photographers.

Here are some of the qualities you should look for in your photographer.


It’s your wedding and your event. Your photographer should never tell you what to do. This is your special day and nobody can tell you what to do. This doesn’t mean he will always stay silent and not put forward any of his own ideas. He will if you ask, but if you reject his ideas he will accept it with grace.

The photographer must understand you’re the person in charge and it’s up to you what happens at your wedding.


Your photographer should behave in a way similar to a ninja during your wedding. He should remain in the shadows and capture moments without anyone else knowing. They shouldn’t get in the way or bother any of the guests.

This means he should be using compact and portable equipment. Apart from the group photograph after the ceremony, you should forget he’s even there.

He should also get everything he needs before the day. You don’t want someone coming up to you on the day to clarify what you want. It’s unprofessional and it wastes time you simply don’t have.


You’re going to be spending a lot of time with the photographer before the wedding day. You want to make sure you can get along with them. If your personality clashes with yours it could turn a relatively simple project briefing into a long and drawn out argument. Talk to your photographer in person before hiring them to get a good idea of their personality and whether you can realistically work with them in harmony.


You don’t want your wedding to serve as a training room for an untested photographer. If they mess something up, you’ve lost your moments forever. You need to get a photographer with sufficient experience. For this, ask them how many years they’ve been a photographer. Ask them some pointless questions about the challenges of shooting a wedding.

Look at their portfolio for a gander at some of their previous work. This will be able to tell you all you need to know about how good or bad this person is at taking photos at weddings.

Ignore the Price

The price isn’t something you should take into account. It can easily make you ignore positive or negative points in favour of the cost. By turning down the prospect of paying a higher price, you could be turning down a reportage wedding photographer who can really make your wedding shine with a leather-bound photo album.

Kim Smith is a reportage wedding photographer who hopes that you have found this article to be beneficial to you.

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