Reasons NOT to Put your Photos on Facebook

Written by  on July 4, 2013 

With nearly 400 million images uploaded each and every day, Facebook remains the most popular way worldwide for people to post and share their photographs online.

Facebook - Reasons NOT to Put your Photos on Facebook

Snapchat has recently become very popular and Facebook-owned Instagram is the third most frequently used outlet for picture sharing. However, with confused lines between private and public in addition to the ownership controversy regarding images on Instagram, many are increasingly concerned about not just the safest way to share their photos online, but whether they should be posting their pictures at all.

Here today, gone tomorrow
In terms of a lasting legacy for your treasured photos, Facebook far from fits the bill. This is because of the transient nature of all Facebook walls. Once an image is no longer part of your timeline it may as well no longer exist. From Facebook’s point of view this is entirely valid. A photo is seen solely as a conversational piece and nothing more. However, this belittles the power of a photo to capture a moment and preserve its memory for far longer than a Facebook page could ever allow.

Far from a pretty picture
It is no surprise that the poor quality images presented on Facebook pale in comparison to those created by imaginative professionals such as Venture Photography. With storage capabilities limited, Facebook compress images so that they lose their sharpness and their vitality. Taking the time to capture you and your family in professionally-taken images means a guarantee your photos will be of the highest quality. Not only that, they can hang on your wall without the constant and unwelcome intrusion of adverts that pervade social networking sites such as Facebook.

Share and share alike?
Problems with safe-guarding are rife when it comes to the internet as a whole but even if you are convinced that your Facebook page is safe and your settings are secure, you might still be caught out. There have been many examples of a friend sharing an image that is then passed on to another friend unconnected to the original friend and so it goes on. But in order to avoid images of you and your loved ones turning up on random search engines keeping your photos off Facebook completely is probably the best solution of all.

Protect what is important to you
There is something about the prevalence of Facebook that has almost devalued the power of a photo. In addition to this, it has made the balance between personal and professional life a challenge for many who fail to make a clear distinction between the two.

Not only is it often appropriate to protect aspects of your personal life for yourself, sometimes it is simply a nice thing to do. Take a professionally shot image of a newborn baby for example. Yes, you might have some simple snaps that you want to share with all and sundry but using a company such as Venture Photography to capture the most special moments for you and your family only serves to highlight their importance.

When it comes to photography, it really should be about quality and not quantity.

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