Review of Latest DSLR Cameras

Written by  on October 28, 2015 

Nikon D3300

If you consider an upgrade through the point of shoot, Nikon D3300 is heck of the DSLR for all the newbies. It has succeeds the popular D3200 through some of the upgrades, like the better capabilities of video. On the other hand even D3300 also lacks bells as well as whistles of their highly expensive cousins, like Nikon D5300, but it might also takes sharp and clean as well as 24.3-megapixel of the images with the smooth and with the natural appearing video.

Nikon D3300 - Review of Latest DSLR Cameras

The camera is basically priced at about $649 for kit with 18-55mm lens, D3300 also competes directly through the value-priced of the DSLRs such as $549 Canon T5 with midrange of the mirrorless cameras such as $499 of the Olympus PEN E-PL5. On the other hand it also stacks up quite nicely and wonderfully. The camera is good for the small DSLR and it also has retracting lens that makes the camera to be compact. It also offers sharp, clear images having perfect color and videos with incredibly smooth movement. However it does not provide tilting of the LCD screen and it also has limited controls for shooting like options of noise reduction.

Canon EOS70D

Canon fans would find EOS 70D to be quite much familiar. With the help of rubberized grip on right side as well as the host of the dials and even buttons atop of grip and even to right side of screen, body of 70D’s was also built for the single handed performance.

Canon EOS70D - Review of Latest DSLR Cameras

However, 3-inch of the LCD flips out on left and also swivels so you will get the perfect kind of the preview of subject at the odd angles. You will even swipe through the pictures or menus as well as tap to adjust the settings. The Canon EOS70D intelligent viewfinder displays the key settings like shutter speed at bottom of view field.

Sony Alpha A77 II

It is fastest shooting cameras with 12fps of leading pack, though it is getting matched quite closely by Panasonic Lumix GH4 that even shoots at about 12fps. Everything about camera is very quick with quick switch at time, incredibly quick focus with the shutter response and good ergonomics with the perfect design makes Sony Alpha A77-II to be enjoyable camera for photographers.

Sony Alpha A77 II - Review of Latest DSLR Cameras

Battery life is usually rated with about 480 shots according to Sony and CIPA test results; it is great and much similar to battery life that one could usually expect from Digital SLR camera.

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