Shoot like A Pro: 7 Magic Tricks for Your Interior Design Photography

Written by  on November 26, 2014 

Images speak a thousand words more than can ever be expressed. Photos are helpful guides for most people looking through condos for sale as they search for their new homes.

Royal Wharf interior - Shoot like A Pro: 7 Magic Tricks for Your Interior Design Photography

Before you buy a newly launch condo, make sure to take pictures of the unit of your choice in attractive angles. These images are your best bets towards making objective judgment of the suitability of a particular condo to your lifestyle and preferences.

Trial and Error Shoots Work Out Great in the End

Trial and error is the key to get the best results from an interior design photography shoot. Once you know which interior designs in your condo you’d like to survey and take photos of, take shots of them in different angles. Afterwards, you should be able to determine which of these angles will fulfill your purchase objective’s relevant purpose.

Discover the Lighting Combination that Matches

Knowing you’ve got the floor plan that’ll suit your daily life’s needs is an important prerequisite to purchasing the condo of your dreams. To get the most vivid views of your condo floor plan, integrate right lighting combination within its premises and interior designs. Do so before you take shots of the multiple corners covered within the area. Clear and visually revealing images should guide you in making the best appraisal of your future condo’s suitability for occupancy.

Shoot Sizable Images Only

Shoot sizable images of your condo interior design visible from your camera’s lenses. You can do this by using a camera with lens that measure within 16 to 24 mm. Make sure, though, that the size of your camera’s lenses don’t capture expanded images. Sometimes, expanded images are blurred or distorted. Distorted images will never be reliable guides for assessing the quality of your condo’s interior designs.

Shoot Vertical Photos in a Straight Manner

Vertical photos are clearly visible in images when shot in a straight manner. Since vertical arrangement emanates a uniformed angle, taking a photo of it in a straight manner follows the pattern it emanates. Compatible image patterns are appealing to the eyes of many people.

Royal Wharf living room - Shoot like A Pro: 7 Magic Tricks for Your Interior Design Photography

Use a Tripod and Camera Timer

Let your camera stand on a tripod. Afterwards, take your photos as you wish, with a matching camera timer on standby. When a tripod and camera timer are used in combination, they produce accurate and clear images of your condo in whichever angles you may take them.

Be Extra Creative When Taking Photos in Dim Lights

It’s quite understandable why you’d want to survey your condo’s interior designs quality in dim lights, too. You need to be extra creative, though, whenever you take pictures of images that are dimly lighted. If you’re not clever enough, you’ll end up producing images that are almost invisible to your eyes. If you let the resourceful side of you shine, rest assured you’ll produce enticing images even if they are placed in a dimly lighted area.

Think Out-of-the Box When Calling the Shots

Think out-of-the-box when calling the shots for an interior design photography session. You need to learn how to adjust or modify your condo images’ angles as the need arises. Forget about restricting your angles only to those that you feel comfortable in taking. Remember, photography is a task that requires to promptly respond to changes, as necessitated.

Go ahead and view your home’s interior designs in different lights. These magic tricks are the best mediums that’ll enable you to produce photos of your interior designs in angles nobody has ever seen before.

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