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Auto focus
Get to know your camera’s and drive modes and you’ll soon be capturing pin-sharp images. Most D-SLRs have two main focusing modes which use either a single-point focus or multiple-point focus.

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Single point focus is a good option if your object is relatively static. If you’re shooting a portrait, for example, then you can change the focus point so that it’s on your subject’s eyes. Using single point focus mode with a DSLR, you need to scroll through the point until the one you want is highlighted. You then need to  press the shutter halfway,focus check your composition and then shoot.

Intelligent Focus
When using multiple point and dynamic focusing modes,you can take advantage of your DSLR’s ‘intelligence’ and let it do the leg work for you. Today’s DSLR have a varying number of focus points, but nine is pretty standard. You’ll rely on the camera to select the main subject in your image-fine in many situations, but if your composition is unconventional, you may be better off either single-point or manual mode.

Continuous shooting mode
If you’re shooting fast moving object, such as a car, try using your DSLR continuous-focus-tracking mode. This will help you capture great action shots, simply focus in the normal way by pressing the shutter button down halfway. The focus point will change when you move the camera or the object that you’re focusing on moves, leaving you free to concentrate on composition and tracking.

The drive mode you select will also play a huge part in your success. Using the continuous shooting mode when photographing action will enable you to fire off multiple shots in succession at your camera’s maximum frame rate for as long as you hold down the shutter.

Manual mode
The sophisticated auto-focus functions on modern cameras are great for most photographic situations. However, they’re not always the secret to successfully shooting sharper shots they’ll be occasions when you’re better off using manual.

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Macro photography is one are where many photographers find it easier to focus manually, especially as the extremely limited depth of field makes pin point focusing critical. If you’ve tried capturing the magic of the miniature world, you’ll know that it can be frustrating as your lens searches for the focus point. By far the easiest option is to switch to manual mode and use the focusing ring to move the lens silently into focus. Some photographers move the camera back and forth until the subject becomes sharp. If your camera’s mounted on tripod, a focus rack (rail will help you d this).

Some action photographers also use manual focus,especially if they’re using the pre-focus method. Using this technique in a case of predicting where the action is going to take place and then pre-focusing on that spot and waiting for the action to move into the area. Doing this in manual focus mode is much easier. You’ll need to get your timing just right.

If you’re shooting through glass in low-light conditions, or  you’re taking a shot of a subject that’s made from even tones, you might find that the auto focus can get confused. These are also conditions where you can benefit from switching to manual.

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