Sizing Tips to Have Your Photos on Canvas

Written by  on July 14, 2010 

Sizing and display are always presentation issues in any living space. Canvas allows size, but it’s important to get the basic sizing right. There is a lot of flexibility in canvas sizing, and it’s worth exploring the possibilities. Canvas prints are very easy and straightforward to work with, so don’t worry about having to work with sizes.

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Photo: Stuck in Customs

Sizing and presentation

The really good news for consumers is that there’s no guesswork with sizing and presentation in canvas printing. You can work with your space effectively, and better still, you have full design and style options. You can try different approaches, and work with different styles of presentation.

This is a fully digital medium, and you’re working with modern design capabilities. That makes a huge difference in quality of presentation, particularly if you’ve got a lot of priceless pictures you want to display. You really can display an entire series of photos, a collage or a special collection, on canvas, and it looks great.

Decor and preferences

Canvas print photos behave like canvas paintings, in terms of décor considerations. That means you can have them framed according to your décor requirements, and do a complete design profile for them. You can have different styles for every room in the house, or a basic all purpose design that goes with your style.

Please note that customization is one of the driving forces of Canvas prints, and it’s also one of the reasons canvas print photos are so popular. There’s not much that’s impossible with these prints, and you’ll always have viable choices for your presentation. If you need help, you’ll find your canvas printers are experts, and know how to handle space, quality and price options, too.

Checking out your options for canvas photos

If you’ve got some design ideas you want to explore, or are just looking for some guidance about what’s possible, it’s worth talking to the experts. They can take you through stages of design, picture quality, reproduction processes, and framing, as well as sizing.

This gives you a good working knowledge base, and also clarifies any issues you may have with specific situations related to your photos, like retouches, or other content issues. The professionals can also give you good working quotes, so your budget can feel at ease with your project.

Decisions and choices

Making a decision (or several) about photo presentation can be pretty difficult. You need to be sure you’re getting what you want, and that’s exactly what canvas printing technology allows you to do. For sizing, in particular, working with picture quality and enlargements can be a worry.

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Photo: irrezolut

You’ll be pleased know custom sizes can cover all your needs. Canvas photo technology is also used for fine art reproductions, so quality isn’t going to be a problem at all. Canvas photo printing technology can work with ultra-fine lines, and achieve reproductions meeting the most demanding artistic standards. Canvas prints will give you what you want.

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