Some Useful Tips About Event Photography

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Event management is one thing that requires a bit of everything. A particular event requires discussions, ideas, creativity, planning, sourcing, execution and management. So the list mentioned must have given you a very clear perception, if you were thinking of organizing an event. Many people take an easy way out by simply contacting and giving the job to event organisers. There is no doubt that an event organizer is well equipped to handle all these matters because of their experience in the field.

Event photo - Some Useful Tips About Event Photography

Having said that, you cannot be serious to hand over everything to an event organizer. Though you might think that life of an event is the management and decorations of the event, it is most certainly not only that. An event requires a proper covering and life in it. Without a bunch a photographers covering the event and involving groups to pose during the event, you cannot possibly have a successful event. Even if the photographer might be taking some candid pictures as well, guests know this and they carry them around with this thing in mind.

Important Tips for Photography

Event photography requires a proper handling and quick thinking. Usually an event is having a designated area but many guests. Since it’s the job of the photographer(s) to cover the whole event, keeping an eye on surroundings and some good moments is very important.

  • You cannot possibly cover an event single handed unless it is a small event and the presence of photographer is required in one area or on demand. To cover a big event you need to have competitive and expert team. Each team member should be assigned an area and they should know the important persons of the event.
  • When taking a group photograph, do not try to take the picture from dead centre. This technique is not what we call professional photography. To bring creativeness and uniqueness, all you have to do is take few steps on either side and then take the photograph. The results will astonish you.
  • When you are taking pictures of a person while asking them to pose, tilt your camera a bit on the side. It is important that you keep the subject on one side so you can get a bit of background as well. It is not though just about tilting; it needs to have some depth and purpose. The image needs to show the person and the event both.
  • Another popular trend in event photography is the props. Props are basically using fake moustaches, lips hats or pair of funky glasses for snapping an image. For this you will have to ask the guest to pose using these props. Using these props for photography bring liveliness in the event and you get images in which people are very much involved.
  • Look for uniquely dressed people in the event, ask them for the pose and communicate with them while you are taking the shots. Direct them as if you are doing a modelling photography and encourage them so they get comfortable in front of the camera. You won’t believe what images you will get using this technique. Since its now all digital cameras, taking many snaps isn’t a problem.
  • Candid photography and shots are the best shots. You have to be on your toes and in stealth mode to get some amazing images. Keep your camera up to your chest when you are on to candid photography. This is a fact that when everybody is conscious of being photographed, the expressions are totally different. If however, they have no idea that they are being photographed, the natural expression brings out the best of them.

I have organized many events for family get-togethers and of official nature. I have always concentrated on these two main aspects which are photography and the event management. For this I had to read many articles and books to know what areas need special attention. The most beneficial was an article which I found in a blog of Since the website is related to photography as they process the images to make prints, the tips were very professional.

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