Sony Introduces Camera With Most Updated Technology

Written by  on September 8, 2013 

The most versatile and latest introduced Sony nex-5t mirrorless camera combines the stylish, compact design along with creative abilities of exchangeable lenses with the superior image quality of large-sensor, speedy AF or Auto Focus as well as the comfort of NFC or the Near Field Communication which is the one-touch for simple and easy connectivity of Wi-Fi.

Sony Nex 5T 500x429 - Sony Introduces Camera With Most Updated Technology

Inside this camera you will find the large, effective Exmor APS CMOS sensor with high resolution and about 16.1 effectual megapixels. It is even identical in the size to sensors available in the conventional DSLR cameras. However, large sensor which takes more light at the time of capturing the image, which allows for luxuriously detailed still images of DSLR-quality as well as complete HD videos. 

The new Sony NEX-5T camera would come in the kit with sharp and compact motorized SELP1650 zoom lens, that measures thick about 1.2 inches when it is fully retracted. Moreover, lens consist the built-in Optical image of SteadyShot stabilization for procuring clear handhold images as well as has smooth power of zoom dial which is peculiarly useful at the time of shooting the video. The new camera consist the NEX-5 series having the strong tradition of density with high level of performance.

This camera is even obtainable in the convenient as well as travel-friendly package having the compact power zoom of SELP1650 kit lens. This is the ideal selection for the step-up point and the shoot users; however smart phone photographers and vigeographers who wish to have higher and superior quality of images and also photo enthusiasts those who are searching for more portable alternative for replacing their DSLR.

Sony Nex 5T Compact Interchangeable Lens 500x344 - Sony Introduces Camera With Most Updated Technology

This camera features NFC which gives extra and additional convenience of the one-touch and wireless connectivity having the compatible Android tablets and smart phones. The connection gets activated automatically once the mobile device gets touches with camera; it also allows immediate sharing of video and image between the devices.

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