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Written by  on August 14, 2014 

Summer is here and with it 2014’s music festivals. All through the summer musical festivals are held, and don’t worry if you’ve missed Glastonbury and 2000 Trees because there are smaller ones held all over the country well into September. Now, whether you’re going to a behemoth like Reading or a more intimate – but still pretty sizeable – WOMAD type, you need to prepare. And to prepare, you need to pack with a bit of common sense and forethought. Now, if you know that these aren’t you strong suits, don’t worry because there is this infographic for you to take a gander at. It features little facts about festivals, but more importantly it holds lots of really useful facts about packing for festivals and what to do when you finally arrive and set up your tent (but not near a main pathway – see you’re already learning).

SESOME Festival Guide Infographic - Start Me Up!

Your essential festival packing guide is a graphic produced by Gumtree UK

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