Stay Tuned With High Quality Of Photography Through Latest Range Of DSLR

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The latest range of DSLR by canon, the Canon EOS which is an Electro-Optical System is certainly the autofocus SLR camera or in other words it is the camera with single-lens reflex. This series is well produced by the Canon Inc. which was Introduced in the year 1987 with Canon EOS 650, entire EOS cameras used the 35 mm of film till the year  2000, when camera D30 was introduced, instead becoming the initial most digital camera.

Canon EOS - Stay Tuned With High Quality Of Photography Through Latest Range Of DSLR

Ever since the year 2005, all latest announced EOS cameras utilized the digital and clear image sensors instead of the film. The line of EOS is yet in the production as the current digital SLR which is also known as DSLR from the wide range of Canon, with the introduction of Canon EOS M camera in the year 2012, Mirrorless and system of interchangeable-lens camera which is also known as MILC introduced by Canon.

The short form “EOS” was basically selected for Eos, which is the Titan goddess of dawn as per the mythology of Greek and it is usually pronounced as the word even though few of them even spell out letters while they read it as the initials. It has the ability to compete basically with the series of Nikon F and its further successors, in addition to the autofocus SLR systems which is introduced by Olympus Corporation, like Pentax, Sony or Minolta, and even Panasonic or Leica. In the year 2010, Canon even held about 44.5% of market share in the entire range of DSLRs.

In the heart of this system is lens mount of EF, which even replaced the earlier FD lens mount that basically supported the lenses with manual-focus. Breaking compatibility along with previous FD mount, it is well designed without any mechanical linkages in between the moving parts in lens and also in camera.

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