Student Tours To Understand Different Aspects of Venice

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Venice is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities of Italy, it offers the best of everything. Many Venice tours are popular for their great services, even special student tours are organized for better understanding of historical aspects. Theses tours are specially organized for college students, in this tour they are taken to different areas of Venice. Students love this type of tours as it offers not only knowledgeable information but also loads of fun. These tours can be for any number of days depending on the type of trip, many students come from different countries, they usually stay for a week whereas, student tours of nearby locations are just for a day or two.

Rialto Bridge (Venice, Italy) - Student Tours To Understand Different Aspects of Venice

These tours are organized by particular schools or colleges during summer or winter breaks; they are the best way to make students understand different aspects of a place while having fun. Professional guides are offered for the trip and even teachers are also there in the trip for taking proper care of the students. This ensures total safety during the tour, proper dinning and lodging facilities are also offered in these student tours. In Venice many things are popular but here are few areas which are a must to see:

  • ·Museo Storico Navale: This museum is popular for its marine collections, 42 rooms are filled with different types of boats, weapons, etc. Students can know about them and can have fun while visiting this museum.
  • ·Basilica di San Marco: This church is very ancient; many different architectural and historical aspects can be seen and understood by the students during the visit.
  • ·La Pietà: This place is a must to see as it offers so many different things, students can know about the historical value of the place and can enjoy in groups.
  • ·St Mark’s Square: A total fun place, the atmosphere is always like a carnival is going on. Students would love the places as it offers great shopping stuffs, food joints, good views, friendly people, etc.
  • ·Rialto: This is a very popular tourist spot as people like to come here for getting the day to day life things, different islets can also be seen from this place which is wonderful scene to view.
  • ·Giardini Pubblici & Biennale: Students can be bought here for spending good picnic time as this garden is full of very amazing landscapes, sculptures and fountains. With so much greenery and different types of colorful flowers, students can spend good relaxed time here.
  • ·Cattedrale di San Pietro di Castello: This church is the first church of Venice; students can come here to know the religious and ancient aspects.

With so many good options of Venice tours, students can spend great time during their trip. It offers so many different things and helps in enjoying every bit to the fullest.

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